Taking it all out

First, it’s called the Harlem Shake, not the Harlem Shuffle, but I’m keeping the post as is because I think it’s funny that I even got the name wrong. 🙂

Second, yesterday was quite the day.  In a nutshell, the management at the gym totally changed over night.  Plus, my former boss resigned and today we have some huge meeting during which it’s likely that we’re being told that we’ve been bought.  Crazy day.

Third, class last night was great!  I had two first-time spinners and I could tell that they both LOVED it.  It makes me so happy to see that happen right in front of my eyes.  One woman hadn’t even joined the gym yet but was just testing it out and i’m hoping that based on her experience she’ll join.

The class was also the most crowded it’s been.  As I’ve said before, the evening classes at this gym have been a little weak, so it started slow.  There are 22 bikes and last night I had 19 people, which was great.

Here’s the ride I used.

spin - the eve


This is the 60 minute version.  I did not use “Defying Gravity”, or “Airplanes”.  In addition  I subbed in “Wavin’ Flag” for “Toccata”.  The last working song is actually some random techno song that I’ll have to find.

It’s an older ride but it moves pretty quickly and the two tabatas are killer.

This morning for some reason I woke up at 5am without a problem.  DJ was already up and said he was going to the gym and asked if I wanted to go with him.  Rewind a bit; he just joined a new boxing gym in town and really wanted me to join, however I refused to join until I tried it out.  So this morning I said I’d go with him.

I used to take a boxing class once a week; pretty regularly.  I really liked it and have toyed with taking it a bit more seriously.

So this morning we hit up a 6am boxing class.  I really enjoyed it.  My legs are a little sore but my arms are on the verge of turning in to spaghetti, which is awesome!

Sadly my hands took the brunt of it.

hand1     hand2

I know, these are horrible pictures that make my hands look fat and swollen.  So yeah, I will never be a hand model, but that’s OK.  Focus on the knuckles.

I wore wraps, which I’ve never needed before.  Personally I think that some of it was the friction from the wraps, but the pros told me that given this condition, if I hadn’t had the wraps I probably would have taken all the skin off my knuckles.  Ouch.

So class was great and I’m going to sign up.  I figure I’ll plan for 1-2 classes a week and take it from there.

Anyone out there box?



6 thoughts on “Taking it all out

  1. First of all-Ouch! No to the boxing …although I used to do kickboxing. So I guess the difference is that I was ‘boxing’ the air. I got bored with it.
    I had to laugh at your Harlem Shuffle mistake-I did the same thing, although I said it to my kids and they were all over me. (I’m so uncool…) This pretty much sums up my feelings about the Harlem Shake: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p4v7t9nhckpnpag/hollywoodgossip_1cpwkdx8c8imrxsylgqp8bov71xwd4.mp4
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

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