Tuesday tangents

Before I get sidetracked, here’s the official ride from Saturday.  I had a rider request the “ride with the bruno mars song” so while I had to dig a bit to find it, this is it.

spin - thousandsLike I said, it’s a take on the two hour decades ride that I did.  The first song is from the 80s, the second is from the 90s and then the rest are from the 2000s.

In the PV Body world, I’m happy to say that my issues with them have (finally) been resolved.  After two paid months, I came out of the deal with two pairs of pants.  All shirts had to be returned which is where the issues arose.  I emailed them last week and while they did not respond in the 24 hours as promised, they did eventually respond and issue a credit to my card for the two shirts.  Done.

At the same time I had received an email with a 40% off code for Ellie (their new site), so I took a look.  I’m such a sucker for a coupon but when I couldn’t get the site to load correctly and also couldn’t figure out how it worked, I realized it was time to move on.  Even 40% off couldn’t sweeten this deal for me.

Therefore it did make me cringe a bit to see in an issue of some women’s magazine (with Pink on the cover, might be old) a blurb about pvbody.  Oh well.  Live and learn and I do like both pairs of pants.  Phew.

Is anyone still using them?

And what would a post be without a Trader Joe’s mention?

tj mahi

Mahi Mahi Burgers – I’m pretty sure that the Mahi Mahi burgers were all the rage last year and then they went missing.  Well, they’re finally back.

I had never had them before and I have to say they weren’t bad.  Not great, but not bad, but DJ says I grossly overcooked it, so maybe that didn’t help.  Will definitely try these on the grill soon.

tj chimi

Chimichurri Rice – I thought this looked interesting and then another shopper walked over and picked up four (yes 4!) bags of this.  I asked if it was good and she said that she and her husband call it “yummy rice”.  So I gave it a try.

DJ wasn’t a fan and I thought it was good, but not amazing.  It has a very distinct cilantro/citrus flavor so if that’s what you’re looking for, then this would be perfect.  What was a little odd to me was that it also had creme fraiche in it.

And last…couldn’t find a picture but I picked up a loaf of whole wheat bread with honey.  They have a few whole wheat loafs so i’m not sure why I chose this one, but it was a mistake.  If you’re looking for dense cardboard like bread, then this would be perfect.

Of course I still love Trader Joe’s, just seemed to have an off week with the new products.  Oh well!

Have a great Tuesday!!


6 thoughts on “Tuesday tangents

  1. TJ’s is hit or miss for me. I’ve tried their sprouted grain fiber bread. It’s good for toast. When I first bought it, I asked an employee if it was good and he told me that since it’s on the top shelf, many women don’t buy it. I was like “What?” He said since I was so tall, I was one of few women who would buy it and see it on the shelf. I was irritated but enjoyed the bread 🙂

  2. I just bought the Mahi Mahi burgers this weekend…and yes, they were gone for a long time. When I was checking out the cashier asked me if I was sure I only wanted 1 box. Apparently they go MIA quite often. I know I really liked them the last time I bought them..Hope I still do!

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