my recent gym struggle

Good morning folks!

I’m going to touch on something that frustrates me at least once a week.  It happened again last night so it’s relatively timely.

Let me first say that I love my dog (in case you couldn’t tell).  She is one of my best-friends (gag, right?) and means so much to me.  That said…

As I do almost every day, I packed a gym bag and planned to hit the gym after work.  While I do this every day, I only succeed 2-3 times/week.  But I digress.

I spoke with DJ during the day and mentioned that I was going to be going to the gym after work. He told me he didn’t know that and that he’d likely be at work late and as a result the dog would be in her crate for 15 hours (not true, but his words).  Of course I felt bad.  I love that dog and don’t want her spending so long in her crate.  So I decided to skip the gym and just go home and take her on a nice walk.  My nausea had come back so I was on the fence about the gym anyway, but then the dog entered the picture.  Since he was going to be late, I figured I’d have to sacrifice the gym.

I left work around 5:15/5:30 and headed home with plans to walk.  When I got home I noticed that DJs car was in the driveway.  Really?  When I got to the garage I also heard his music from the “gym” so I knew he was home working out.  When I got inside I saw that Minnie was still in her crate.  I gave up my gym visit for this?  I was angry so I took Minnie out and we walked.

Long story short, I made DJ aware of how I felt and he apologized, but it still really bothered me.  Stomach issues aside, I had changed my plans and given up my workout to come home and find him a) home and b) working out.

Part of the issue is that he likes and prefers working out at home and I don’t.  Yes, working out at home makes it much easier, especially with a dog, but it’s not something that works for me.  I was just angry that he still got in a workout and I had to sacrifice mine (even though I was feeling sick and might have skipped it anyway).

Hopefully by telling him how I felt, I made him a bit more aware of my frustration.  While I’d like to say this won’t happen again, I’m not convinced.  Guess we’ll see.

The good thing is that I have class on Tuesday nights so no matter what, I’m at the gym. Fingers crossed that I can get there at least one or two more times this week.

Do you ever have similar issues?  Do you feel like you’re always the one to compromise/sacrifice?  Am I being a brat? 🙂


9 thoughts on “my recent gym struggle

  1. You could never be a brat 🙂 Keep these things in mind…when you’re a working woman, home owner, dog owner, in a relationship, etc…its always a juggling act. Don’t beat yourself up….Think about all the fabulous things that you have done to help others, donating your time and energy to good causes. You are an inspiration xoxoxoxo

  2. I can totally see your frustration Jessica. It is hard to juggle everything for sure and giving up your workout is tough-especially when you had your heart set on it.
    I’m lucky enough to get home from work at a fairly early hour and my work and gym are all within two miles of my house, so I can’t even imagine: a) getting home later than 4:30 or b) having to drive a ways to/from work & gym. I’m sure there would be MUCH less time spent working out if that were the case. So I can see where your gym time is precious to you!! Glad you spoke your piece and you are definitey NOT a brat! 🙂

  3. I hear you…I end up on dog duty more often. In the past few weeks I’ve switched to working out in the AM so I still have me time and then can get the dogs out and about in the evening. When I try to workout in the PM and walk the dogs, I’m usually too exhausted to do both!

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