spaghetti arms

Happy Wednesday!!

The sun is shining here today and sadly it’s kind of novel.  It really is amazing to think about how much of a difference sunshine makes in people’s moods.


Unfortunately the weather forecast is suggesting what may possibly be a significant snow storm on Friday.  Given that it’s only two days away, the details are still surprisingly unknown.  Guess we’ll see.

Class last night was good.  It was a smaller group than usual but it was also snowing.  If I didn’t have to teach, I probably would have just gone home to the couch. 🙂

I’m not going to post the ride right now because it’s a bit of a mess.  Sometimes I modify my rides right on my ipod in iTunes and then forget to update the class layout. Oops.  That happened last night and as a result in a few cases I had to fly by the seat of my pants.

The ride used both the extended mix of Don’t You Worry Child by Swedish House Mafia and Levels by Avicii.  Both awesome spinning songs, highly recommend them!  So at least the music was good 🙂

Prior to class I snuck in a short arms workout.  Thanks to Maria over at Pappa Don’t Preach, I threw a few new (humbling) moves in.

I used to do arms regularly.  Well, I used to workout regularly.  Ha!  Lately I’m not impressed with my arms in tank tops, so it’s time to make some changes.

I didn’t do much and am amazed at how sore I am today.  Nice!

The two new additions were as follow:

Preacher Curl


So humbling! I’ve done standard curls with a 30 or 35 pound dumbbell in the past.  I grabbed the empty dumbbell, didn’t think it weighed much, and added 10 pounds on each side.  I could barely do two.  Stepped down to 7 pounds, managed a set and a half, then stepped down to 5 to finish.  Wow, so different!

Incline Dumbbell Curl


Again, I’ve done curls with 15 pound weights, so I chose 12.5 pounds.  I then got up and grabbed 10 pounds, then back for 8.  Stuck with 8 and eeked out my sets.

In both cases they were TOUGH, pair that with them being new to me and I was pretty happy.

In case anyone cares, I also did some hammer curls, triceps skull crushers, and triceps dips.  That was it.  Sore today!

I spoke to one of the trainers after and explained how humbling my experience was, especially with the Preacher curls.  He said something to me along the lines of “why do you think you always see the meat-heads using that equipment?”.  Good point!

I’m definitely not suggesting you try these moves or even endorsing them, just sharing my experience. 🙂

Any new to you moves or machines that I should try now that I’m somewhat motivated?


4 thoughts on “spaghetti arms

  1. YEAAAAHHHH! So glad you sneaked in some arms! Preacher curls ALWAYS get me. I used to do them only with my trainer until I felt comfortable enough to do them on my own. Keep track of how much you’re able to lift now and over time, you’ll notice a considerable difference in what you’re able to do!

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