It was just a dream

Good morning and HAPPY FRIDAY!!

I’m so happy it’s Friday, as I am every week.  Unfortunately this week was particularly frustrating so Friday is that much more exciting.  Not to mention that I have fun dinner plans with some girlfriends.  Yay weekend!

I’m fighting a cold, or so I think.  I’m sneezing way more than usual and my nose is a bit runny, plus I’ve got a weird feeling in my ears and throat.  I’ve dealt with this before though and can usually fight it off.  Fingers crossed!!

I slept like a rock last night.  On a normal night, I roll over to go to bed and realize that I kinda have to use the bathroom.  Some nights I ignore it because I’m lazy and other nights I get up one last time.  On the nights I ignore it, I usually end up waking up mid slumber to empty my bladder.  Last night I had that “kinda” feeling but ignored it.  Happily I slept right through the night!  Sometimes I wonder if it’s just how i’m lying since I’ll feel that way even if I came right from the bathroom.  TMI?

So I was out.  I had a bizarre dram last night about competing in a CrossFit competition in my parent’s backyard.  I don’t remember most of the events, but the last one involved holding a plate with a bowl on it in your mouth (with your teeth) while crab walking across the backyard.  That’s what really happens at CrossFit, right?  In my dream somehow I came in second place overall and was thrilled since I had never done a CrossFit workout before.  In the dream I also remember hurting my back/shoulder.  My back/shoulder area has been bothering me for weeks but when I woke up this morning I noticed one spot was a bit more sore than usual.  Odd.  Maybe I really was doing crab walks in my sleep??

Dreams always make me smile, or at least my dreams because they’re typically incredibly realistic but also bizarre.



Years ago I saw one of those Sark posters with the above phrase.  Well, I totally misunderstood it and took it to mean that when someone tells you about their dream (from when they were sleeping), you should never laugh.  I found that odd since sometimes people’s dreams are outright funny.

I obviously now understand that it meant dreams in terms of aspirations, not night-visions.    It was entertaining though when someone would tell a story of a hysterical dream and I wouldn’t laugh. 🙂


It’s Super Bowl weekend and while watching the news this morning I really wished I was in New Orleans.  It’s rare that I get a pang like that, but for some reason I did, which is also odd because it’s not like I even considered it.

Aside from being in two box pools, I have no plans yet.  I’m sure we’ll figure something out but since we haven’t heard of anything official, we’ll play it by ear.

I do however plan to do a Super Bowl themed ride tomorrow morning and thanks to Chris and the great Former Pingers on FB I have a whole bunch of song ideas and I can just listen to them and pick and choose.  It’s so great to be able to share music and not necessarily start from scratch.

And now… Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Off to Work I Go.

Have a great Friday and a fun weekend!!


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