Some tunes

I think I may still be missing one or two rides, but here are three that I’ve used in the past week or so.

Spin - Nov 10 5 45 Spin - October 12 12 45 Revised spin-april-16


A couple look a little grainy, but hopefully you’re able to read them.

When I was running with some regularity, I used a section of the first ride to get in about two miles.  I’d start at the Bongo Song and then go through the end of the ride.  Those songs each have the perfect spots for pace pickups and the time would fly.

So now that I’ve made good on my promise to post the playlists…

I desperately need to make new playlists, as in not re-purposed  but new.  It’s on the to-do list, I just always seem to run out of time.

Class last night was good.  I actually didn’t post that ride because it’s on CD and I only have my ipod with me.  It was on the old ipod but sadly that is lost.  It was tough.  The class had about 17 people which is a great increase from when I started it and we’d have 5.  🙂

I’m hoping to get to the gym tonight for a quick workout.  Tomorrow night I have to take miss Minnie to the vet.  Apparently her shots are over-due and as a result the groomer won’t take her.  Such is the life of a dog owner.  Although I’m thinking I may reschedule her for Saturday and then see if the groomer at the vet will take her.  Hmmm. (thinking out loud)

On a side note, follow up PV Body post coming your way shortly.

Have a great Wednesday!  If you have any workout songs you’re loving right now, please share!


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