Good afternoon!  I can’t always commit to doing a Minnie post on a given day, but this month, here I am.

She hasn’t been particularly photogenic and when I do take photos my phone tends to eat them, but I do have an important topic today.



While today is not officially Minnie’s anniversary, it’s closer than next month.

Her official date is February 4th.  It was the day before the Super Bowl and this little lady came for her home visit and stayed.

I can still remember…
seeing her walk up my front steps
having no clue what I was doing
taking her on our first “family” walk
the first time I picked up poop
her crying in her crate that first night and me lying awake and hoping it would be OK
a couple weeks later wondering what I had gotten myself in to
falling totally in love with my new best friend and looking forward to seeing her every day! 🙂



10 thoughts on “23 PAWS

  1. this is so sweet! we celebrate my dogs adoption day on the 4th of july…i always pull out his book that they gave me with his first adoption picture in it and he looks so sad and scared, it always makes me tear up.

      1. yes…he had been at the humaine society for over three months and they were going to put him down b/c that was the limit (from what i was told) but the guy who worked there kept making excuses on why they needed to keep him around…he is the sweetest thing…the guy actually cried when we took him home b/c he was sad to see him go! he was abused as a puppy and has scars that you can see when we get him shaved…so sad to think that people do that to animals!

      2. Oh my goodness, that’s horrible! But so wonderful that you rescued him and showed him how life should be.

        On Facebook I’m constantly seeing “urgent” dogs that need homes. It makes me so sad that I can’t save them all!

    1. Both dogs I’ve adopted were in similar situations. My first dog Murphy had been at the shelter for a couple of months and was set to be put down about 1-2 days after I adopted him.
      My current pup Kostas had been turned in by his first family on his first birthday. He was in the shelter for over a month–people wanted puppies. I was lucky to find him!

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