My weekend – a ramble

It definitely wasn’t an exciting weekend, but it was a nice one.  Right now I’m kind of sad that I’m at work and it seems the rest of the US is off in observance of MLK.  I know it’s selfish and wrong to focus more on the day off from work than the significance of the holiday, so i’m a little guilty.

Friday night, after a ton of indecision we hit up a local Spanish/Italian (trendy combo apparently) local restaurant.  It opened up in a location that is the worst.  It’s in a strip mall, but it’s in a corner and is blocked by another restaurant on the street.  In my five+ years in CT, I’ve seen it be at least 3 different places, none of which were successful.  It wasn’t bad but sadly, not very crowded for a Friday night, so they may run in to the same issues as those before.

Saturday I had class.  (I always have class, i’m classy 🙂  sorry, lame, I know)  I showed up to the gym early, as I always do.  I grabbed the sign up list, which I always do, because I like to see who is signed up.  I had seen a few of my regulars and when I looked at the list I noticed their names weren’t there.  Long story short and a bunch of upset members later, we realized that someone had started a sign up list and then either it got lost or thrown out and another was started.  That meant that we had about 25 people who knew they were on the list, but only 22 bikes.  Uh oh.

There are two fancy spin bikes with screens in the cardio section so we unplugged those and brought them in to the spin room which gave us an additional 2 bikes.  I kind of just hoped and prayed that some people who signed up wouldn’t show and luck was on my side.  We ended up with 23 people and 1 empty bike, phew.  Thankfully the members know this wasn’t my fault, but none the less, it was my issue to deal with.  Good times.

Will post the ride shortly.

After class I did a little upper body work and called it a day.  We did some errands and then had a very lazy and low key night snacking on cheese and crackers from Stew Leonard’s.

As every blog has apparently been compensated to talk abotu Old Navy’s gym line, I had to check it out for myself (not compensated).

I got these pants, on clearance for $6.99.  pantscollage

I realize that these are HORRIBLE pictures.  Clearly I am not at all used to taking photos of myself in mirrors (and a dirty one at that).  But you can kind of get the idea of the pants. I like the pop of color, that the waist isn’t too low, and that they have a drawstring.  I’m not a huge fan of where the drawstring sits (a little low) and in my opinion they’re not the most flattering.  But for $7!!  I did try on a ton of other stuff at Old Navy and while everything fit, the pants did zero for my shape and the tops fit strangely.  Maybe i’m just difficult?

Sunday I hit the gym to take another instructor’s class.  I struggled to run one mile pre-class and then headed to the spin room.  Turned out it was a sub (actually two subs as the instructor messed up, notice the theme?).  His class was OK.  While his music was decent, I only knew a few songs, and I know that members tend to like to know the music.  His energy was a little on the low side, but that’s OK, overall it was a fine class.  Personally though, I struggled.  My breathing was totally off and I just couldn’t take deep breaths.  It stunk, but I pushed through.

The rest of the day was spent doing unsuccessful errands.  The back room work was finished so we did some moving of things to set it up as a gym. It looks great!  Too bad all the clutter from that room has now taken up residence in my garage.

In the early evening I hit up Trader Joe’s where a lady proceeded to try to spread the plague throughout the store.  She was hacking up a lung and not covering her mouth.  I was disgusted which made me rude.  I heard her checking out (I was by the bread which served as a convenient divider from the register).  The cashier said something along the lines of “I can give you a bag for that” to which I said “give her a bag to put over her head”.  Yes I did.  Not sure anyone heard me, but that’s OK.  I can be mean sometimes. 🙂

Last night I found a bump behind my ear, which I know to be a swollen lymph node which means I’m fighting something.  I’m not feeling sick but I am definitely feeling off.  I went to bed last night flushed and just eh and was nervous that I’d wake up today fully sick.  Thankfully I am not!  Still feeling off, but hanging in there.  Fingers so crossed!!

Now it’s Monday.  Happy MLK Day! 🙂  Hoping the work day flies and I can either get to the gym for a bit after work or just go home and relax (depending on how I’m feeling).

Have a great day!

Side note:  I got a package from PV Body on Saturday and was pretty excited.  Turns out it was my exchange and they did a horrible job again!  Will update my original post in the next day or so.


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