Boo to PV Body

Updated 1/21

I know, it’s out of order, so feel free to read the rest of the post and then come back to the top.  I came home to a package from PV on Saturday (1/19), I thought it was my January shipment but it was an exchange.

I sent back a yoga style shirt.  In addition to it not being the style i requested, it was a Large, I’m a Medium.

What did i get back?  A large tank that is by far the longest tank top I’ve ever seen.  I tried it on and laughed.  It was fitted and came almost to my knees.  I looked at the tag and it was described as “dress”.  Not to mention that it had a sticker with the price ripped/scratched off.  Did they just pick this up somewhere and pass it on???

dress tag

Back to another exchange, or maybe just a request for my $ back.  Anyone have luck with refunds?


Written on 1/4

If you’ve been reading blogs for sometime, you’ve surely seen mentions of various monthly subscription “boxes”.  Some truly come in a box, others don’t, hence the quotes.

These are monthly product subscriptions that you sign up for.  I’ve seen some related to food, beauty products, clothing, and even dog products.

After reading one particular post, I decided to give PV Body a try.

For $50/month you get a workout top and a workout bottom.  They claim to carry higher end brands.  Shipping is free and you can return/exchange anything you don’t like.

Things got off to an OK start.  I gave their site a try with a promotion that they were offering which included a free tank top.  Always a sucker for a deal, I figured i’d give it a shot since I probably spend about $50 for a top/bottom anyway.

I took their fun little survey which identified me as a “cardio queen”.  You are asked questions about your workout preferences and then your workout gear preferences.  You can select bottom and top styles, lengths, fits, and colors.

pv1 pv2

I gave my billing info and then waited.  And waited.  Eventually the package came and it was pretty!

I opened it up and found a pair of black workout pants and a gray/orange tank.  However there was no free tank, but still, I was excited.

I immediately tried on the pants and they were a good fit.  Then I tried on the tank, with my regular bra on and it was cute.  DJ said it looked like a going out shirt though.

The following weekend I was all set to wear the new shirt to the gym.  I put it on (sans bra since it had a built in one) only to find that a) it didn’t provide enough support and b) it just looked weird.  I threw on a sports bra under but that just made it look dumb.  Long story short, I dropped it off on 1/4 to FedEx for an exchange.

I did keep the pants and really like them.  I can’t remember the brand but I did look them up and they retail for $55, which covers the cost of the “box” (provided I ever get a replacement shirt from them).

My verdict so far is on the fence.  I’m going to wait for my exchange as well as give them one more month.

I was a little bothered to receive a shirt that was clearly a yoga shirt (the tags even called that out) when I specifically mentioned cardio.  Maybe they’re just going through some growing pains though, so we’ll see.

Updated on 1/18

As I mentioned above, I sent the tank back on 1/4.  I’ve received no confirmation of it being received and it doesn’t show on my “account” page.  I put account in quotes because it summarizes my past orders but doesn’t do much.

In addition it shows that my next round shipped on 1/7, yet when I click on the tracking number, it shows me a whole lot of nothing.  Yes, they’re in CA and I’m in CT, but does it really take over 10 days??  Again, waiting and waiting.  If free shipping is someone walking my package across the country, I’d rather pay for it to go by car/plane.


That is my account history.  You can’t really tell, but I’ve already cancelled going forward.

I emailed them several days ago to follow up on the exchange.  No answer.
I just called them and after sitting on hold for god only knows how long it prompted me to leave a voicemail.

While it’s great in theory, to say that I’m disappointed would be an understatement.  Buyer beware.

So there is my honest review of PV Body.  Not a fan.

Have you had any similar experiences?


14 thoughts on “Boo to PV Body

    1. Definitely not being paid! 🙂
      I went on to their Facebook page and saw quite a few negative comments. I really thought it was just me, but clearly that is NOT the case.
      You’ll be getting something in the mail from me soon….:D

  1. I subscribed back in October. And I had a not so great experience after returning my shipment. They have improved on many things since then and I decided to keep trying it. I’ve gotten 2 great shipments for Nov and Dec. I’m still on the fence about them and am waiting for 2 more boxes to see if I really like it. I’ve yet to get my free tank as well-I’m constantly emailing them and get the same response-it is on the way. I think they got too many subscribers at once and weren’t prepared for it. One cust rep I talked to sent my a $25 gift card to Lululemon for my troubles.

  2. I appreciate your honest experience. I have read so many pv posts–recently saw that they changed the program from brand names to their own brand and a lot of subscribers weren’t happy about that switch.
    Fun to read the New Year, New Gear exchange!

  3. I have a terrible experience with them as well. My first package included full length leggings and a tank. I am an xs/small and the pants were SO tight. You could literally see the creases beneath my behind. The tank was also super short and cami stye. It didn’t look like a gym tank but just a regular cami. Not impressed. I contacted them and I had already thrown out the packaging but I sent the tank back. I explained my style preferences and even supplied images when they asked of the styles I DO like. They called me and emailed me multiple times (multiple people.) I ended up getting a decent tank in exchange.
    Then my next month, I received a package, except it was just a tank… a medium and NO pants. I contacted them again and then looked at my account (it was already the END of December) and there was a new package being sent to me along with another package for January. I kept my fingers crossed because I really wanted to like this.
    When I opened my new packages – FAIL. Both tanks were cami style AGAIN and the SAME Nux brand I told them I hated. Sweet. I called them (they’re Pacific time which stinks) and spoke to support. I got my return labels and sent BOTH back to Fedex and cancelled my membership. While the woman on the line was very nice, she also explained they’re going to be launching their own line of clothing and will give you the option to preview and swap out outfits BEFORE they send them to you. Regardless, it’s not worth the headache.
    PS. – There is a lululemon warehouse sale next weekend at Nassau Collesium!

    1. Definitely a lot of kinks for them to iron out. I’ve already cancelled and am supposed to get my last package on Friday (ignoring the fact that it said it shipped at the beginning of the month). I’m curious to see what it will contain.
      I agree, definitely not worth the headache regardless.
      Thanks for the heads up on the lulu sale. I will actually be down on Long Island this weekend, so it might be an option.

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