It’s Wednesday!

It is Wednesday.  Somehow it already feels like this week has been a long one.  Oh well!  As I mentioned yesterday, no wishing time away.  Today I’m looking forward to the prospect of either getting out of the office at lunch, getting to the gym after work, or getting home to hang out with Minnie and relax.  At least one of those will happen!

Last night was good.  I hightailed it out of work around 5:15 so I got to the gym about an hour before class.  I felt so free having all that time at the gym to do whatever I wanted.  I did some upper body training and zoned out to my ipod.

Class was good.  There are 22 bikes in the room and I had 15 people, at least 5 of whom I’ve never seen before.  Plus a few of the regular Tuesday night crew weren’t there, so I’m thinking this is encouraging for the class.

As is often the case in January, I had a few folks who I felt were new or newer to Spinning and came in after the class had started.  This definitely drives me nuts because I want to be able to help you get setup and when you come in late, I can’t.  I know that some instructors will put the class on hold (or delay the start) to help newbies but personally I think that’s inconsiderate to the majority.  Any instructor or participant thoughts?

But class was good, and tough, and we got a nice sweat on.

I got home around 8p expecting dinner to be ready. (Don’t judge.)  DJ is the chef of the couple and I just assumed he’d have dinner ready since he knew i’d be home around 8.  When I got home he was sitting on the couch and laughed when I asked where dinner was. Take that gender stereotypes.  Long story short, by 8:30 we were eating a delicious dinner of seared Tile fish with corn salsa and a grain/veggie medley.  If I had thrown something together that quickly, it sure as heck would not have tasted that good (or included a real protein).

He used this for our grain.  From Trader Joe’s, of course.

multigrain-blendDJ picked it up for the first time a week or two ago and we’ve already had it twice.  He threw in some shaved brussel sprouts (also from TJs) and some chicken bouillon powder for flavor, but that was all.  So tasty.

The rest of the night was spent watching TV.  Anyone catch AFRICA on the Discovery Challenge?  A trip to Africa is at the top of my bucket list and this just further solidified it.  Only thing is, nature shows like that ALWAYS make me cry.  Don’t want to spoil anything, but the rhino part really did it for me.  Thankfully we were watching this one in bed so DJ didn’t get to see the tears and make fun of me.  Anyone else have this problem?

And now we’re at Wednesday.

I’m happy to say that my love of oatmeal has been renewed.  I ate oatmeal for breakfast almost every day for years.  Then boom, I was totally sick of it and uninterested.  I’ve tried to bring it back, but it just didn’t work.  One day I read some magazine suggesting to cook up brown rice and and add almond butter and honey to it to have as a breakfast.  I guess a light bulb went off, so I tried adding it to oatmeal.  I also add a few raisins and have to say that it tastes great, but also keeps me full longer than most breakfast foods.  I’m so happy oatmeal is back in my life!

On that note, I’m off!  Enjoy your Wednesdays!!!



5 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday!

  1. I wish I liked oatmeal…it seems like the perfect breakfast food. I just can’t get past the texture of it. Oh and I definately agree with you about not delaying the class for latecomers…that always drives me nuts.

    1. I totally understand the texture issue. I didn’t like it for ages and then all of a sudden I did, so maybe you’ll have a similar experience.
      Thanks for your opinion on the class (and for making me feel better).

    1. I’ve wanted to do smoothies but a) it’s been so cold and b) I usually eat around 10a so a smoothie means I’d be eating (drinking) breakfast about 2 hours earlier.
      Not the end of the world, just different…

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