Busy bee

Work has been buzzing! 😉

I was at work until about 6:30p on Friday and then had to log in and do work on both Saturday and Sunday.  While it wasn’t ideal, it also wasn’t the end of the world since it wasn’t like I had a ton of stuff going on.

It was a quiet weekend.

Friday night I picked up takeout from a Greek spot we like.  It was packed.  Apparently they were written up in the NY Times the previous Monday and since then it had been nutty.  Guess it’s no longer my little secret, but good for them.

Saturday I taught and then got in a little upper body workout (still sore today).  Did some errands and then lost all motivation to do anything.  We ended up watching the entire first season of House of Lies on Showtime.  Anyone watch?  I think the sex is a bit gratuitous at times, but overall it’s a good show.  We also caught part of the Green Bay game, but since I kept hearing DJ say “we should be there” I kept it to a minimum.  (side note, he wanted us to go to green bay to watch the game just because we had such a great time when we were there for the giants game last year)

Sunday we went out for brunch and I had a delicious, if not odd-sounding burger.  I should have taken a photo but still can’t bring myself to go all photo crazy in restaurants.  It subbed a turkey burger as I’m trying to stay away from beef.  The description included crispy bacon, cheddar cheese, sweet grilled bananas, and spicy Thai peanut sauce.  I got it with everything except the bacon because try as I might, I’m just not a fan.  It was SOO good!  The waiter described it as Guy Fieri like, which made me laugh.

After that we headed to Bridgeport for an errand but we took a VERY back-roads route with lots of hills and curves.  I’m pretty sure I got a little carsick as I was nauseous for the next few hours.  I refuse to blame my delicious burger!

Now it’s Monday and back to the busyness.  Tomorrow night is spin and i’m very much looking forward to it (and the workout).  Tomorrow morning my car is being repaired (hurricane damage) so i’ll surely be driving some tiny rental for the next few days.

Have a happy Monday!!!


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