A man with it all

Who is the man with it all you ask?

Why Trader Joe of course! 🙂
Were you expecting a juicer answer?

He does have it all; snacks, appetizers, drinks, body wash, cleaning supplies, meats, fish, flowers…you get the idea.

I’ve definitely mentioned my love of all things TJ’s before, but figured it couldn’t hurt to throw out two new products that DJ picked up yesterday.



Red Pepper Spread – This is probably something that I’d never pick up.  First, my stomach doesn’t always take well to peppers, and second, I avoid most things with garlic for the same reason.  However, since starting on a probiotic, I have found that my stomach is much more tolerant of things (thank goodness!), so while I still wouldn’t have picked it up, I was open to trying it.  I will say this, it is tasty!!

Any readers from FL who are familiar with Pimento Spread?  It’s a cheese/pepper spread that was only available at some supermarket in FL, I’m thinking maybe Winn Dixie, but i’m not sure.  Well it tastes a lot like that, but without the cheese.

Only 15 calories per tablespoon.



Roasted Gorgonzola Crackers – Another thing I’d never pick up because on it’s own, I’m not a fan of Gorgonzola cheese.  DJ said they were great so I gave them a try.  The first two had me indifferent but then the taste grew on me and I realized they were quite good.

140 calories in 31, not too shabby!

Oh Trader Joe!

I’m so happy it’s Thursday already!  While I’m thankfully detoxing from all the baked goods the past two weeks, I still haven’t been back to the gym (aside from teaching the two classes on Saturday).

Somewhere in the past week or two I managed to hurt my neck/shoulder/back.  I use all three because it’s an odd area where all three seem to meet.  I think I may have slept wrong or just moved wrong at some point because I can’t clearly pinpoint when the pain started.  It held steady for about a week and is now finally starting to improve.  Since I don’t have much interest in taking it easy at the gym, I’m giving it a few more days and will return on Saturday.  By that point I will be sooooo ready!

So that’s about it for today.

If you have a favorite TJ’s item, please share it with me!


6 thoughts on “A man with it all

  1. I have a few…
    peach salsa
    whole wheat slims
    dark chocolate with almonds (3 pack) 🙂
    salmon burgers – sometimes

  2. I’m sticking to the 21 Seasoning Salute. I’ve probably bought about 5 jars since you sent me that first one. Lately I’ve been putting it on salads – spinach, an orange, turkey, added veggies, just a little olive oil, balsamic vinegar and then a good amount of the seasoning.
    Happy weekend!

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