A picture-less post

I had every intention of taking a bunch of photos over the past few days but somehow it just didn’t happen.  I think in the spirit and busyness of things it just didn’t seem natural to grab my phone or camera and start snapping away.  My apologies.

The past couple of days were nice.  Getting out of work on Monday at 12:30p was wonderful!  It felt sooooo good to be out so early.  After leaving work I hit up the liquor store and then did a couple more errands.

Did anyone else try to purchase a gift card on Christmas Eve and find that it wasn’t working?  I love how all the stores now have the gift card kiosks so I can buy a gift card without having to actually go to the store.  I’m not sure if that whole process is managed by a central company but if so, that company is in trouble.  Gift cards weren’t going through on Friday and almost everyone at the Walgreens I went to was trying to buy a gift card.  As a result retailers are really going to miss out.  Just my two cents.

For Christmas eve DJ’s family came over.  This was my first experience ever hosting a Christmas eve.  It was nice.  His family is quite entertaining.  There were also a couple of children there which is something I am not at all used to, seeing as the youngest child in my family is 19.  I was worried about entertaining them but they kept themselves pretty busy on their phones.  Not sure I agree with that, but it worked for Monday night.  DJ made some steak and several pizzas.

I did make the Mexican cheesecake and of course didn’t photograph it.  It was good and very sweet, but a super easy recipe so I would endorse it.

After DJs family left we went over to our neighbors for some wine and hanging out.  Their daughter (4.5 years) was still up with excitement.  I only proceeded to almost ruin surprises about twice, not to mention almost touching the elf on the shelf.  I am so not kid friendly. 😉

On Christmas day my family came up around noon.  We hung around the house catching up and having snacks.  We had planned to see Django Unchained but stupid Fandango had the wrong time on their site so it didn’t work out.  Instead we saw the Guilt Trip.  It was OK.  It had some cute parts but was definitely slower than expected.  After the movie we of course went for Chinese.  DJ joined us for that and I think it was his first Christmas Day Chinese experience and he was surprised by just how crazy it gets.

I got home around 9:30 and had a hard time keeping my eyes open.  I can’t say exactly what exhausted me, but something did.

Now i’m back at work (yuck!) and trying hard to find motivation to be productive.  I’m off Friday and Monday (and Tuesday) though, so I just have to hang in there for a few more days.

I hope everyone had lovely holidays and I will attempt to get back to a more regular and fitness related posting habit in the new year.


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