Happy Christmas Eve

Just wanted to write a quick (and random) post wishing everyone a happy holiday (even if you don’t celebrate).

I am at work today, however we’re closing at 12:30p and for that I am VERY thankful!  Don’t tell anyone but I brought my gifts and wrapping paper in to the office today since I figured it would be pretty slooooow.

The weekend was nice and low key.  I taught on both Saturday and Sunday so at least I got my sweat on in anticipation of some delicious food the next couple of days.  I did my version of a holiday ride on Saturday which meant that I added in ONE holiday song.  I used Christmas Eve in Sarajevo by Transiberian Orchestra which was perfect.  It was the last song in the ride so I made the members wait for it. 😉

Yesterday I also made some festive cupcakes.

reindeer cupcakes

I first read about these on Julie’s blog which took me to a link on With Sprinkles on Top.  They’re pretty easy and so darn cute!  Although as Julie pointed out, they kind of look like moose/bears more so than a reindeer, but what can you do?

Then the folks over at OmNOMCT posted this:

I’m not a big bacon fan but I do love the sound of it crackling.

On the agenda for the rest of the day is a few quick errands and then home to clean and make something called sopapilla.  Recipe is here.  It’s apparently a Mexican cheesecake style dessert and is supposedly amazing.  Will let you know how that goes.

And now it’s time to wrap my presents get back to work.  Have a very happy holiday!!  (DJ’s pizza is on the menu tonight so I’ll try to take some pictures.)


6 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Eve

  1. Hi Jessica!
    The cupcakes are adorable!!! My kinder-kids would love them!

    I’ve made something similiar to your cheesecake bars before. They are super-easy and people go crazy over them.

    As usual, good call with the TSO. I had it blasting in my kitchen this morning as I was preparing the antipasto for tonight’s Christmas Eve party.

    Have a wonderful holiday!

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