Respect and honor

Like many other bloggers, I feel that today is not a day for me to ramble on about relatively unimportant things.

While many are posting a very sweet and concerned image, I chose to write a simple personalized note instead.

I live in CT.
I moved to CT over 5 years ago for a new job.  That job was in Newtown.  Yes, Newtown.
Even though I was laid off from that job, Newtown always had a place in my heart.  It was in Newtown that I met some of my first CT friends.  Newtown is an adorable New England town and while it wasn’t the right home for a single girl in her mid-20s, I always said it was the perfect town to raise a family.  And it is.
As the news unfolded on Friday I was utterly in shock.  My office is about 35-40 miles from Newtown.  Throughout the day the mood became somber and people shared any details they were learning.
There really are no words or explanations.  This is a f*#*#d up situation and something that never should have happened.  But it did.  And all we can do is keep all the victims and their families in our hearts and our thoughts as well as respect their privacy at what must be an insanely difficult time.

Cherish each day and every person in your life.  Hang in there Newtown!


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