Holiday stuff

I’m seeing lots of posts about gift ideas so I figured I’d jump on that bandwagon.  I’m definitely not an expert but I figured I’d share my opinion regardless.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not much of a gift person.  I like to give gifts but I don’t care much for receiving.  I think this dates back to when I was a child and would get gifts of clothing from relatives and have to pretend that I liked it.  I’m opinionated and not everyone understands what I like (even people close to me).  Many years later a former boss gave me a gift and made me open it in front of her.  She bought me perfume.  Not only perfume, but a perfume I happened to be allergic to (and hate).  Once again I had to fake excitement.  But I digress…

Here are some cute ideas…

For the pet lover


I have a similar product and I LOVE it.  I have a light up blue leash and it is so handy, especially in the winter months when it gets dark so darn early.  I just bought one for my neighbor’s dog in pink and they loved it as well.  This one is on but you can find them in various places.

For the runner

road ID

Last year (or maybe the year before) I bought one of these for my sister.  Being that she’s an avid runner, it seemed like the perfect (practical) gift.  I plan on riding my bike a ton post-winter so I should probably get one too!

Head over to Nicole’s blog for a chance to win a $15 gift card to RoadID.  Click here. (today is the last day!)

For the Bon Jovi fan

bon jovi

OK, I’ll admit, I’m totally kidding about this one.  It came through in an email this morning and made me laugh, so I figured I’d share it.  If you really want it, I’m sorry for mocking. 🙂

For the techie


I don’t know much about Roku but I’m very intrigued.  Lots of TV channels sent over wifi? From what I can tell there’s also no monthly fee.  Hmmmm.

For me (or someone like me)



Now remember, I’ve been told that I’m boring.  DJ asked what I wanted for Hanukkah and I said slippers and the stick.  Granted, neither are exciting, but still.  I think they’d make good presents. 🙂

Any good ideas to add?


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