I guess no one felt as strongly about their lack of FOMO as I did.  Oh well. 🙂

It’s Thursday, I’m happy about that.  Work this week has been very frustrating.  Ever have those work days where it just seems like all you’re hearing is bad news. (i.e. lost sales or customers)?  It stinks and it can really wear you down.  I need a break!

Aside from that, things are good.  Class on Tuesday was good.  Class is at 6:30p and at 6:25 it was pretty empty.  Not the end of the world, but not ideal.  Thankfully by the time class started we were up to 13.  As I’ve mentioned before, this class has been slow getting off the ground, so 13 is encouraging.  This particular gym has a hard time filling up their night classes.  But anyway…

I used a ride that I used about a month ago, which is very unlike me.  However I was pretty sure that almost all of the riders weren’t there last time so I just went for it.

One particular guy in the class took my class when I was newer; a few years ago.  I hadn’t seen him much since.  He took half of my class last week and then went to the adjacent class, but this week he stayed.  After class he came up to me and told me how much I’d evolved and how great the class was.  It was very nice to hear and definitely made me smile.  On the same appreciation note, two of my regulars gave me a Hanukkah present; a card and Godiva chocolates.  Only when I opened the card there was also a very generous gift card to Sports Authority.  How incredibly sweet is that???  Made me :D.

Here’s the ride I used, it’s not new.

spin - nice kicksBut it did the trick.

Oh yeah, guess who got a new ipod for Hanukkah?  Me!


That’s her, so pretty right?

DJ has an ipod touch and I found it was just too big.  While currently I’m not running at all, I do expect this will change in the future and the touch is just too big to strap to your arm.  I’ve had two nanos and found them both to be the perfect size.  Well, this one is even smaller and even lighter, it’s pretty crazy.  I’m sure the touch screen will take some getting used to (I’ll miss the wheel), but it will be great for all those runs I’m sure I’ll take in the future.

Now I just need to take the time to load her up with songs and playlists.  I’m thinking that’s a good Friday night activity.  Does that make me lame??

Have a happy Thursday, catch ya on Friday!




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