Are you afraid?

On my drive in to work one of the radio stations was doing a segment on FOMO.  If you’re not sure what FOMO is, it stands for Fear of Missing Out.  While I’m sure the concept has existed forever, it seems that only recently it has been given a title.

One of my college roommates was the perfect example of this.  Each weekend she’d fall asleep on the couch in the midst of whatever it was that was going on.  She never wanted to be the first to go to bed in case she missed something, so even though she was totally exhausted (and sometimes a bit tipsy) she’d hang out, and ultimately end up asleep.

On the radio they were talking about one guy who always feels that he has to be out doing something fun and “cool”.  People called in saying how when they go out they have to be the last to go home for fear or missing something.

Based upon all this, I thought about my habits.  I don’t think I suffer from FOMO, but I do likely suffer from INAAWAMO.  It stands for I‘m Not At All Worried About Missing Out, and I coined it myself.  While not as easy to pronounce as FOMO, it accurately describes me.  I will even go so far as to also diagnose myself with IDCWAT, I Don’t Care What Anyone Thinks.  DJ would definitely attest to this diagnosis.  He likes to tell me that I’m a loser if I’d rather stay home and relax than go out.  My response to him every single time is that I don’t care if people think I’m a loser.  I do what I want to do because I want to do it, not because of others.

So where do you stand?  Do you suffer from FOMO or are you like me and more of a INAAWAMO type person? 🙂


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