Where did my weekend go?

Good morning and happy Monday.  Seriously, where did the weekend go?

While the weather is very mild today, it’s gray/foggy/rainy and the perfect day for staying in PJs all day!  Too bad that’s not happening.

My weekend was very nice but it was busy and that’s really why I could use another day.  In less than 2 full days I drove over 300 miles.  My normal driving patterns are about 150/week.  Ha!

Saturday afternoon I headed down to NJ to see some college friends.  There were 5 of us in total, 2 have babies.  It was great to catch up with everyone and meet the baby I hadn’t met.  I’m not much for babies/kids, but it’s always nice to see the offspring of my friends. 😉  It was very nice to see everyone and catch up; it had been a while!

For dinner we headed in to Philly and ate at a delicious restaurant called Mixto.  It’s in the “gayborhood” area of Philly which made it that much more fabulous. 🙂  The food was delicious and the company was great as well!  I had arroz con camarones and it was so tasty I pretty much ate the entire thing (in addition to appetizers and bread), oops!  I was HUNGRY!  After we hit up a bar for a nightcap then headed home.  (I did have my camera but sadly I didn’t really take any pictures.)

Sunday we woke up and our host made challah french toast for breakfast (so good!).  I hit the road around 10:30 because I was off to NY to visit with my family.  My parents were in FL this past week visiting my grandmother and on Saturday she flew up to NY with them.  I got there around 12:30 and was starving.  Guess challah french toast doesn’t have a ton of staying power.  I had a few snacks and hung out until my sister arrived around 2p.

Then our snacking started.

tj collage

We joked that pretty much everything we ate yesterday was from Trader Joe’s.  We started with Coconut Shrimp as an appetizer.  Then a little after that, round two of the appetizer course was bird’s nests.  I’d never had a bird’s nest before and they were quite good. Tempura  veggie fried goodness.

Dinner was steak and string-beans with the Hashbrowns as our side.  The apple sauce went on the hashbrowns.  I realize that hashbrowns are more of a breakfast food, but they were in honor or Hanukkah and acted in place of potato latkes which my mother would have had to fry herself (and then we all would have reeked of it).

Speaking of which, Happy Hanukkah to everyone (but especially any Jewish readers).  Tonight is the 3rd night already.

After dinner I headed back to CT to finish up my driving for the weekend.  It was rainy and visibility was BAD, so it stunk, but at least there was no traffic.

I was happy to be home and relax.  Around 10:10 it was time to retire for the night.  What a fun surprise to find out that not only had Minnie thrown up her food in her crate, it was the back corner so it got all over the carpet and the wall.  Plus she had thrown up elsewhere in the room at another time.  Oh the joys of pet ownership!  She was fine, I just had to do more cleaning than ideal at that time.

And now it’s Monday.  Have a wonderful day!!



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