Yay Friday!

Good morning, good morning, good morning!

It’s Friday which is awesome, but it’s made that much better by the fact that my boss is out today.  Woohoo!

Last night at the Dooney Tent Sale was a success.  The tent sale is just that, a sale in a tent.  Towards the back you can find samples that are significantly discounted, however they often have some wear and tear.  They also offer a few tent sale specials that usually have a nice discount as well, and then the rest of the tent is anywhere from 30-50% off list.  While there are some great deals to be had, some other deals are just OK.

Imagine a tent filled with rows of tables with bags on them.  The space between these tables isn’t huge.  Add women carrying around 5+ bags and that space gets even smaller.  Add people on the hunt for the ultimate bargain and it can get a little ugly.  Thankfully most people were cordial, but I did find myself being pushed a little more often than I’d like.

This was my third year going.  For my friend D, it was her first.  It’s definitely fun in an odd sort of way.  After a ton of deliberation and some trying on of bags, we each ended up getting one bag.  She got a cute pink large hobo and I got a brown hobo bag, pictured below. 🙂

The bag I got is actually more of a chocolate brown.
The bag I got is actually more of a chocolate brown.

I fell hard for those tassles!  Because this is one of their current bags, it wasn’t as discounted as others, but when you find something you like, it’s hard to then try to find something else.  You know?

Happy Hanukkah to me!  (This bag was a present from my parents.)

After some shopping we hit up Jordan’s for their famous salad.


I’ve definitely written about this salad before and with good reason, it’s really THAT good.  I had every intention of ordering something simple and small but found myself magnetically drawn to this salad.

Today i’m hoping to get to Wusthoff before they close and possibly pick up something for my parents.  Fingers crossed!

Are you familiar with Silpada jewelry?  I definitely wasn’t but saw that one of their reps is donating all her profits until 12/13 to Bully Breed Rescue (the group I got Minnie from).  I took a look and they have some nice stuff!  Price points are very varied, but if you’re considering purchasing jewelry for someone (or yourself), check it out.  You’ll also feel better knowing you’re helping out pups!

Here’s the link: http://mysilpada.com/sites/kim.tibbetts/private/content/home.jsf

I’m really liking these:


Peridot is my birthstone and can sometimes be a hard color to wear, however I think those earrings are perfect; a pretty shade and not too big.

And now it’s time to get the day started.  Have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend!






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