I might not be able to move tomorrow

I just downloaded Google Chrome and now my WordPress is working perfectly.  Phew!  Guess maybe it was an IE issue.

So good morning and happy hump day!  It’s Wednesday, we’re getting there.

I still haven’t charged my camera so any pictures I share today are not from this past weekend.  Sorry!

First, a little smile for you (in my opinion at least)

minnie lights


That is my poor pup being tortured and made to wear lights.  She was totally freaked out and just froze.  And just so you know, while I loved the idea, I’m not the one who actually did this to her.  As proof, that’s my foot in the background.

Last night I taught.  I still can’t seem to get it in my head that while I do have an ipod to use, it’s not mine and therefore it doesn’t have all of my music on it.  So last night I probably repeated a ride sooner than ideal, but what can you do?

spin oct 12


It’s a good ride though, so it worked.  Aside from the fact that I keep forgetting that this version of Blaze of Glory skips.  Oops.

Class actually had 13 people last night and that’s without two regulars.  It’s growing, finally!  Hopefully the new year will be just what the class needs to pick up.

The gym got a new manager and I’m hoping he can bring some life to things too.  Our last manager lasted right about 2-3 months.  Pathetic.  He wasn’t particularly friendly and his ego was a bit too large, so it wasn’t a surprising turn of events.  In the almost 3.5 years that I’ve been at this gym, I can’t even tell you how many managers we’ve been through.  The new manager however has been with the company for ages and has managed at several clubs.  Fingers crossed that he stays!

Tonight the plan is to leave work close to 5 and hit up a boot camp class at 6.  This class will without a doubt kick my butt and possibly leave me incapacitated tomorrow.  I’ve attempted this class in the past few months but something always comes up; hopefully not tonight!

So that’s about it.  Tomorrow night I’m headed to the Dooney & Bourke tent sale!  Dooney & Bourke is headquartered in my town and each year at holiday time they have a tent sale in their parking lot.  While the deals are good, they aren’t always amazing (they usually have a few great deals), but really, it’s just a fun thing to do.  This year I’m meeting a friend and then we’ll grab dinner after.  Then Friday i’m going to attempt to hit the Wusthoff factory sale (another local business).  Fun times!

Have a happy Wednesday!!


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