Random ramblings

Any other WordPress users out there finding that their user interface is different and/or missing buttons.  I think maybe it’s due to Internet Explorer 8.  Anyone use a different browser?

I had every intention of posting at least one photo today but when I plugged in the camera, it promptly died.  DJ is to blame as he took a ton of pictures of a paintball gun he’s selling on eBay.  Oh boy.  So sorry, still no photos.

I thought I’d share a few random thoughts/things about me today.

I cried during Avatar.  A lot.  So far I’m the only person I know who had this experience. (or at least admitted to it)  For some reason I just found the whole premise of the movie to be incredibly depressing.  Thankfully I saw it when it was re-released and most of the world had already seen it, so the theater was empty.

I’ve been watching Wheel of Fortune whenever I can in hopes that I will get good at it, go on the show, and win a nice chunk of change.

I need to remember to watch the show Impractical Jokers on truHD.  Ever seen it?  It’s one of the rare tv shows that makes me laugh out loud.

I don’t like getting presents.  It’s not that I strongly dislike the act, it’s just that it makes me a little uncomfortable.  If a present is something I asked for, it’s fine, if it’s anything else, it’s a little awkward.  Strange, I know.  DJ has been bugging me to tell him what I want for the holidays and I just don’t know.  I tend to buy things for myself when I want them.   Or I tell him something (slippers, the stick) and he laughs at me.

I think that’s all for today.  Catch ya on the flip side!

Any randoms to share?


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