Where does the time go?

Wow.  It’s December.  How did that happen?

And wow, it’s supposed to hit 60 degrees today.  So weird.  While I don’t like global warming causing storms or melting of the ice caps, I am OK with surprise warm days in what are meant to be cold months.  Although I think I’d prefer a surprise day in February or March 😉

Don’t have any pictures for the post today since they’re on an actual camera and need to be uploaded. 

My weekend was great, but tiring, and way too short.

Friday – Met up with friends who will be moving to LA at the end of the month 😦 had a lovely time catching up and laughing.

Saturday – As I mentioned, we headed to Bryant Park in NYC. We were a group of 10+ which can be a bit unwieldy in my opinion, so while the company was great, the group made things a bit complex at times.  We hung out at the Southwest Porch and drank spiked cider.  So fun!  For dinner we ventured to John’s Pizzeria in Times Square.  I was very apprehensive about this since food in Times Square is notoriously over priced and lousy (check out the reviews of Guy Fieri’s latest restaurant there).  Amazingly it was only a 35 minute wait for a party of 10 and the pizza was quite good.  Such a pleasant surprise and something worth remembering if you’re ever in the Times Square area and hungry.

Sunday – LOTS of errands but we also picked out our “holiday” tree.  I’m Jewish, DJ is not, so we have a holiday tree with lots of blue/white/silver.  So pretty!  Minnie isn’t quite sure what to make of the ornaments.  The Minnie also got a bath which she desperately needed and it was nice to snuggle with a clean dog.

We had some homemade greek food for dinner and then watched the finale of Boardwalk Empire and called it a night.  In other TV news, I’m really excited that Shahs of Sunset is back.  Haven’t watched yet, but it’s on the DVR.  Anyone else watch?

And with that it’s back to the daily grind.  Have a lovely day!

Did you get your tree?  Do you decorate?  Favorite type of lights?


4 thoughts on “Where does the time go?

    1. Last year was my first year with a tree and we cut it down ourselves, it was very exciting and novel. This year it’s nice too, just not as new.

      Regardless of religion, I love the way blue/white lights look together.

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