Back to the grind

It was so lovely being away from work for the past 4 days.  Plus we closed early  on Wednesday so it felt like found time.  I won’t go in to detail about the fact that no one official told me we were closing early, but thankfully I do talk to my co-workers so they told me.  But anyway…

My Thanksgiving was lovely and low-key.  For the past few years it has been just my immediate family and it’s lovely.  We ate dinner at the kitchen table with football on the tv.  The lack of formality was great!  After dinner we played a few rounds of the game sequence and then called it an early night.

Miss Minnie loved being home.  I think she loved the space of the house, the presence of 4 people who love her, and the fenced in backyard.  Not to mention the fact that my sister lets her climb on to her bed. 🙂

Here are a few pictures from Thursday.  I missed out on 23 paws but these pictures should make up for it.

It’s an M&M although to me it looks like a Syracuse Orangeman.
Minnie’s favorite position. I think she looks like a pig.
Finally, a decent picture of the two of us.

Sorry, no food pictures.

On Friday morning I hit up Kohl’s with my sister and then in the afternoon the fam saw Lincoln.  I got back to CT Friday night.  I taught my usual class on Saturday which was packed, which surprised me.

Saturday after class I had to drop off all the pet supplies/toys we collected during community service week and then DJ and I went to look at the possibility of a new car for me.  Let’s just say I loved the car but refuse to pay a lot for a lease.  Back to the drawing board.

Sunday was my 2 hour Red Cross ride, and while the group was small, the ride was good and the cause was even better.  I used a “decades” theme and will post it later today or tomorrow.

Met a couple of friends out after and was home by 5:30 in comfy clothes.  My body was a bit sore from the ride so the night was low-key.  Go Giants!

And now it’s back to the grind.  I hope you all had wonderful holidays!


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