Pseudo Friday

It’s Wednesday but it’s just like a Friday.  Love it!

I left work yesterday and headed to the gym to teach my 6:30p class.  I expected it to be empty.

The gym was odd overall.  It was pretty empty.  Then when I made my way back to the spin room there was an odor in the back half of the gym.  Skunk.  And it was strong.  This was particularly odd because the gym is on the 3rd floor of a building.  We joked that maybe a skunk had gotten in to the elevator.  It was pungent and definitely present in the spin room.  Yuck!

Class had 2 people, both regulars in the Saturday class.   However it was a funny pairing because one person is pregnant, so she had to get up mid-class to use the restroom, and the other guy has bad hearing, so while I wear my mic and speak, he only hears a little of what I say and uses the rest of the class to determine what we’re doing.  So when the woman went to the bathroom I was teaching to one guy who couldn’t hear me.  At least I knew them. 🙂

Speaking of spin…I need to come up with some new music ideas for my 2 hour ride on Sunday.  Any thoughts regarding themes?  If you’ve taken a great themed class, please let me know what the theme was.  Just know that I refuse to do a ride of all one artist.

Work is closing at 3 today so I’ve got lots to get done (if I can find my motivation).  I likely will not post again until next week, so have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving.  Take a few minutes to be thankful for what you have, whatever it is.  xo


4 thoughts on “Pseudo Friday

  1. Hi Jessica! Hope you have a great holiday! I am not a huge fan of theme rides because sometimes I feel like you’re just piecing music together that doesn’t really make sense with your profile, but I have done a few that have gone over well and I’ve been comfortable with. I especially love my St. Patrick’s Day ride, but since that’s probably out of the question in November, I guess I would suggest a decade ride. Those always go over well depending on the age of your riders. I’ve done 70’s and 80’s which everyone really enjoyed. If you’re interested I can send along some song ideas. Oh, and I hear you on the one artist thing. Someone just today suggested I do an all Beatles class. I might actually be one of the biggest Beatles fans on Earth, but I would never in a million years want to cycle to their music for an entire hour!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Funny gym story!
    Themed ride sounds tough to put together. I like the decades idea. Or you could do boy bands of the decades (Beatles, Bee Gees, etc – be creative) or something like power divas.

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