This makes me smile

On Saturday DJ and I were at Costco and somehow we wandered in to the holiday section.

We admired some lit up trees and other stuff and then boom!, we were captivated by these.

Costco had a display case which showed all the lights and had them on a setting that showed all the different functions.  We honestly just stood there and stared.

DJ said “We’re getting them”.  I looked at the price tag and said “No we’re not”.  He said “We could split them”.  I stood my ground for a bit longer and then gave in.  We threw them in the cart and continued with our shopping.

When we got home he took them out of the box to see that a few of them weren’t working.  THankfully our neighbors just happened to be heading to Costco so we gave them the box and our receipt and they exchanged them for us.

THe new box worked perfectly and I got to work hanging them in the windows.  Mind you, we had no supplies so I got creative and used packing tape.  (the packing tape held them for about a day or two but is starting to falter)

We are so obsessed with these lights that a) they’re up and it isn’t even Thanksgiving but b) I took a video to share with my parents and to post on Facebook.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a not so great video of our lights. (hopefully this works)

Do you decorate?  What’s your favorite type of light?


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