I am thankful

Happy Tuesday!  The week is moving along at an OK rate.

Last night I was so excited to leave work right at 5.  Thing was, DJ had my car and when I called him a little before 5, he was still at home.  He said he wanted to give me time.  I appreciate the thought but had figured that not having a car was the perfect excuse to leave early.  Not to mention that as of late, this place clears out pretty quickly.

I left around 5:15 or so, so not too bad.  We then hit a couple of supermarkets, not so fun.  DJ can’t say no to people when it comes to cooking.  Last week he brought in some left over ribs for them to snack on which turned in to them deciding they should do a pot luck thanksgiving today.  Which turned in to him offering to make ribs, stuffing, mac and cheese, and collard greens (and me making apple pie).  How does that happen?  So he needed ingredients and I did as well.  He also decided that I should make cake pops, but as it got later in the evening, he conceded and went with just the pies.

I finished my pies last night, two apple crumb pies in pre-made crusts.  He started last night and then woke up around 6a to get back to cooking.  Crazy.

But anyway…I can’t remember where I was going with that story.  Maybe just that he’s nuts.

Thanksgiving is two days away and all over Facebook people are giving thanks.  I don’t do much on facebook but figured it would be nice to take a few minutes and be thankful here, especially since I feel like I’ve been a bit more negative (about work) than I’d like lately.

I’m thankful for…
My family – I honestly couldn’t live without them.
My friends .
The fact that even though it drives me crazy, I have a job and can afford to do the things I love.
DJ – he makes me crazy but I can’t imagine things without him.
Minnie – I love that pup so darn much.  Coming home to her everyday makes me smile, even when she gives me the cold shoulder.
The fact that while my hometown was decimated by the storm, my parents were fine.
Spin and my awesome members.
My health.

And of course I’m thankful that people read my ramblings, but that’s just a small one. 🙂

What are you most thankful for this year?


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