Stomach follow up

Warning:  boring post ahead (at least the first part)

I was looking back on my old posts and remembered that I had done a whole post about my very limited diet due to my attempt to figure out what the ?#@$ is wrong with my stomach.

I had a gastro appointment last Friday and the good news is that of the possible causes he proposed, NONE of them have anything to do with food.  Hooray!  I had hoped that was the case since just about every food has bothered me at one point or another.  Although he did mention celiac which I think I’ve been tested before, but we’ll see.

I’m not going to go in to detail, but he suggested 4 possibilities.  In the haste of the past few weeks, I forgot to get my old charts so he was going blindly on a few items.  Therefore he’s getting my charts and then I’ll go back so we can review.  One of the possibilities may require surgery though, so while not serious, it’s the most difficult to treat of the 4.  Fingers crossed!  But hooray for a normal diet!!

This is so me!

In other areas, as part of our community service days, we played two games yesterday (tied to the charities of the day).  Match the pet to the owner and match the employee to their favorite childhood toy.  As I mentioned, the ages in this office vary greatly, so it was interesting to see the toys that people loved.

This of course was my favorite.

My parents bought me one at a flea market (in the past few years) and I have it on my shelf in my closet-office.  It was definitely one of my favorites.

Some others that I loved…LiteBrite!!  One of my coworkers chose that and it brought back such memories.

So….what was your favorite childhood toy?

I also loved my cabbage patch doll and pound puppy.  Popples, blocks….I could go on.



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