for a good cause

I’ve definitely been missing for a bit, oops!  Work has been super busy and stressful and I’ve spent most of my days annoyed and with my jaw clenched, which is not a good thing.  But hopefully that’s improving.  Today is better than yesterday so I’m a little encouraged.

How were the weekends?

My weekend was OK.  Friday night I did nothing but attempt to decompress.  Saturday I spent a few hours doing work (ugh) and then DJ cooked us a lovely dinner.  Sunday was baking, errands, a trip to the dog park, and then a visit with my sister which involved pizza.  Yum!

So the baking…

I made the recipe that I posted on Thursday.  This time I followed it (almost) exactly.  I didn’t have chunky pb though, so I used creamy.  Using all the sweetened condensed milk made a huge difference.  I would definitely recommend it!

I also made what I call the most intense oreo cupcakes ever.  The recipe belongs to a friend, so I’ll find out from her if I can share it, and if so, I will definitely post it.  They’re super sweet and indulgent and people go nuts over them.

I did all this baking because today my company had a bake sale to benefit the victims of Sandy via the Red Cross.  We’re doing a community service week this week and I was on the planning committee and had my heart set on the idea of a bake sale.  It was supposed to be the Tuesday after the storm but obviously we had to postpone.  We also changed the charity to the Red Cross.

My office is made up mainly of men, in their early 20s, so we weren’t really sure how involved everyone would want to be.  It was requested that everyone bring in something, even if they purchased it.  I was so pleasantly surprised to see how many people got involved, both in baking and working the table.

We raised over $350 (our goal was $200)!

Here are a few pictures from the day.

To the right of the red marker are my peanut butter/chocolate bars and in the back are the oreo cupcakes.
That’s also my green coffee mug in case you were wondering.


More goodies


One of our sales guys walked in with these cuties. He was the last person I would have expected this from and everyone loved them! (They’re the guys from Despicable Me in case you didn’t know.)





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