I don’t partake in the What I Ate Wednesday phenomenon, but I did want to talk about food for a moment, and then I realized it just happened to be Wednesday too.  So here goes nothing.

There aren’t going to be many pictures though so I’m sure I’m somehow not doing this right. 🙂

As I mentioned earlier in the week, after many issues with my stomach and just feeling blah, I decided to re-vamp my diet, resorting to a program I had success with almost 10 years ago.

During the first weeks of this program you are super limited and then you start to add foods back in, thus determining what may be a trigger food.  I’d honestly go nuts if I was very strict about the program, so I’ve given myself some wiggle room.

I’m not supposed to have coffee but kind of need it to get through the morning at work.  I’m also not supposed to have any cheese and am allowing myself a little.  It’s very high in protein and veggies and low on carbs and sugar (two of my favorite things).

No beating around the bush here, it sucks.  I’ve consumed way more celery sticks and carrot sticks in the past two days than I have in months.  I walk in to the cafeteria completely uninterested in everything.  I had a cheeseburger on lettuce for lunch yesterda, definitely not a traditional jessica meal.

Today is a bit better (minorly).

Breakfast:  two hard-boiled eggs and an apple (not supposed to have fruit, but come on!)
Lunch: salad from the caf – went with a greek theme, lettuce, tomatoes, chicken, feta, oil, vinegar – actually pretty good – I think being able to have fat really helps
Snacks: (haven’t had them yet) carrots and celery (of course!) with creamy italian

My dinner last night was pathetic.  I got home on the later side and we had no motivation to cook so it was a fend for yourself kind of night.  While semi-prepared to embark on this food voyage, I could have been better prepared for informal meals.  I ended up making red-lentils from Trader Joe’s and then throwing in some meatless meatballs (probably not supposed to have those).  It was salty and just eh.

And before i wrap this up, my go-to apple sauce muffins.  As I mentioned, they look good and smell good but have little to no taste.

The ingredients:  whole wheat flour, baking soda, baking powder, unsweetened apple sauce, and oil.  I added some shredded apple and some cinnamon, but still lacking in flavor.  however the texture satisfies my fix.  Now I feel like an addict.

I’m hanging in there though and know that it will only get easier.  Thanks for listening to me explain/complain. 🙂


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