Monday has come and gone.  Now it’s Tuesday!  🙂

Each day my motivation to work and be productive seems to waver a bit more.  Perhaps this is the symptom of a bigger issue?

I’m currently reading a book called Good Grief (anyone read it?) and in the book the main character opens a bakery.  More than once I’ve woken up thinking that I am opening a bakery.  Foreshadowing?

I’m going to rewind a bit and tell you about how my past few days have started.

Saturday – The gym I teach at was closed most of last week as the power was out.  However they reopened either Thursday or Friday and had a regular class schedule on Saturday.  I got to the gym ready to teach (and distract myself and the members).  I headed to the studio to get set up and interestingly enough couldn’t find my ipod or my microphone receiver.  Strange.  I looked everywhere.  I asked the front desk and wanted to ask the manager but he was with a member. This is exactly why I have CDs on hand.  Although I was definitely frustrated about having to yell, since it makes riding SO much harder.

So I taught sans ipod and mic.  The riders requested 80s so I threw in an old CD.  Thing was, I had no write up for it, and since it was a CD I had no visibility as to what the next song was.  It went better than planned and they got a kick out of some of the random music.  After class I stopped in to the manager’s office and thankfully he had the mic receiver.  No ipod, but still an improvement.  Phew.

Sunday – Uneventful, thankfully.  Although I was tasked with making aioli which was quite the arm workout.  I essentially made mayo from scratch and while it tasted amazing I’m not sure it was as thick as it should have been. DJ made a seafood soup and bread in the pizza oven and I contributed the aioli.  Sounds even, right?

Monday – Still no hot water at home (my water heater is officially dead), so I headed to the gym to shower (I figured I might as well do something athletic while I was there too).  When I walked in to the gym there was a sign that said “Due to the storm, there are no towels”.  Nice. Pretty much the whole reason I got myself to the gym was for the shower.  Thankfully my shower-nomad life came in handy as I just happened to have a (slightly damp) towel in my car.  Issue solved.

Now it’s Tuesday and so far there have been no trivial issues.  Fingers crossed!  I’m teaching tonight and borrowed DJs ipod and have my mic receiver, so I should be good to go.

Have a great Tuesday!!

And in case you were wondering, day one without sugar etc. went pretty well.  I made some of my go-to muffins to snack on last night and today.  They’re horribly deceptive in that the look and smell good but lack in taste.  Oh well!


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