It’s back (warning, serious post)

My power has returned.  It actually returned last night for about an hour, but then went out again.  Such a tease!  It then came back on overnight and hopefully is here to stay.  My water heater apparently kicked the bucket, but that’s a small problem and something that should be easy to fix.

I’m so glad that I have power, but I feel a bit guilty for feeling glad.

My parents still don’t have power and neither do a ton of people on Long Island.  My parents have their house and are fine overall, which I’m thankful for.  However I’m constantly being blown away by how many people have lost everything.  I can’t even sign on to facebook without seeing  a message from someone I went to high school about what they’re going through.  Numerous people are starting to hunt for rental homes and pictures are starting to be posted showing the devastation.

Should we ever feel guilty for not suffering?  I don’t think that we should but at the same time it can be hard not to.  I want to help but I honestly don’t even know what to do.  But the wheels are turning.

The NYC Marathon is this Sunday.  This is usually such an exciting time for the city and the state.  In years past I’ve made all sort of fun signs and headwear to support my sister as she runs.  Even before the storm, I had been busy and didn’t have time to make anything.  I figured I would get it done this week.  Obviously that didn’t happen.

To the chagrin of many people, the marathon is still going to take place.  People are angry about that and in some of the cases I totally understand.  I guess I get some of the points that both sides are making.

I will be there of course cheering my heart out for my sister but I feel kind of guilty going in to a city to have a great time when the lower half of the city (and much of the tri-state area) is without anything.  Life does go on though and maybe my smiling face is just what the city needs? 😉

I may be opening a can of worms here, but what are your thoughts on the marathon?
Do you think it should still happen?
If you were planning on running it, would you still?  If you had to travel?  If you lived in NY and it was in your backyard?

If it happened, I would probably still run it, but I live locally so it’s not a big deal.  Not running it just to make a point won’t necessarily do much.  Perhaps running it with a sign or trying to do something as a gesture towards the storm victims is more my speed.



5 thoughts on “It’s back (warning, serious post)

  1. I think it was the right move to cancel (though should have been cancelled earlier). I echo the ideas people have had about the runners volunteering to help on Sunday.

    1. I know of at least a few runners who went out to Staten Island on Sunday, which is great.
      My sister agrees with you and felt that it was the right decision but there was no reason they couldn’t have made the call earlier.

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