I’m here

I’m here!

Thankfully my immediate area didn’t suffer any serious damage.  Aside from losing power, we’re hanging in there.  Unfortunately many areas were not quite so lucky.

I’ve had no power since Monday evening, my parents (on Long Island) have had no power  since the same time, and my sister (upper-east side of NYC) has power. 

However given the destruction I’ve heard about, we should be thankful that all we’re dealing with is a loss of power.

Due to no power or cell service, I haven’t seen a ton of the damage, but what I’ve heard on the radio is not pretty.

I hope everyone is safe and thankful for what they do have.  I’ll get back to regular posts once the dust has settled.


6 thoughts on “I’m here

  1. Glad you’re ok Jessica! They sent us home from school early and had everyone worked up about a huge storm where I am and then we didn’t end up with much of anything.

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