This and that and more of that

I’m pretty sure I never posted my ride from Saturday (can’t seem to remember things lately), so here it is.  Not new, but a solid standby.

And here’s the ride I used last night.

Now that that’s out-of-the-way. 🙂

Let’s get random…

Is anyone watching the Voice?  I watch it on DVR (thank goodness).  All I want to see is the performances and honestly it’s about 25% of the whole show.  Thank you DVR for realizing the value of my time!

But anyway, I think it sucks.  Yes, I’m a little tone-deaf, but DJ is not, and we’ve both agreed that for the most part not one performance has been good.  A couple have been OK but I definitely haven’t been blown away.  Anyone agree/disagree?

Back in August for my birthday BBQ, my sister’s friend made the most amazing cupcakes ever.  After hounding her for a few months I finally got the recipe and wow, it’s involved.  Thankfully the cupcakes themselves use a cake mix, but you then have to make filling and icing.  Quite the undertaking!

We’re doing a fundraising bake sale next week at work so I’m going to give them a go since it is for a good cause.

So I guess I’m not as random and all over the place today as I thought.  Ooops.  I’m fried.

Enjoy your evening!


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