Who’s opinionated?

Definitely not me!  Yeah right.

I’m opinionated and stubborn, but somehow I pull it off in a lovely fashion.  Just my opinion.  Hahahaha.  (can you tell it’s been a long day?)

I’m going to apologize in advance for this post as some of you may be offenders.  Let me just say that you can wear whatever you want, I will still like you. 🙂

I’ll just blurt it out…

I hate leggings.

I think they’re the equivalent of sweatpants (just tight) and while fine for the occasional lounging about, they are not and should not be worn as actual pants as part of an “outfit”. 

I get it, who doesn’t want to put on comfy stretchy pants?  But just because you want to do something doesn’t mean you do.  I’d love to wear my fleece pants and slippers all day, but do I?  NO.  I suck it up and put on real pants  and shoes even though they are definitely not as comfortable.  It’s called being an adult (not a college-student).

I’m semi-OK with leggings being worn as tights.  In other words with something the length equivalent of a dress over them.  I get that, leggings are more comfortable than tights and kind of do the same thing.

Do not show me your butt.  Very few butts look good in leggings.  The Giants game was proof of that.  Your butt should not be eating your pants.  Your pants shouldn’t be made of material thin enough that your butt can try to eat them.

If you wear leggings and love them, I respect your choice and I still like you 🙂


5 thoughts on “Who’s opinionated?

  1. Omg! I knew I loved you! So so so true on all levels. We have a few teachers where I work that wear them as pants. One is actually an iron girl with an amazing tiny body but I still don’t care. Even if you have a rockin’ body-they are not appropriate for work. Especially when you work with kids! I personally look terrible in them because they just make my short muscular legs look ridiculous! Thanks for the post!

  2. Ha, ha! I bought a pair last year and wore them once–my b-friend asked why I was wearing tights and no skirt. He didn’t know what leggings were–I figured not a good idea to wear them in public.

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