Sleepy Monday

I’m tired.  Very.  Very very.  I don’t want to go to work.  I want to say in bed.  All day.

Anyone else feeling similarly this Monday morning?  I went to bed by 10, but after an exhausting weekend apparently the 8-9 hours of sleep just wasn’t enough.  It was a great weekend though, so I will soldier through my Monday while visions of my bed dance in my head. 🙂

Friday night I took the Minner for her usual walk.  On that walk we visited with my friend who watched her while we were away.  This friend casually mentioned that she was going to be fostering two puppies and that they were being dropped off shortly.  Of course I just had to hang around for that.

Minnie checking out these little girls.

DJ happened to drive by while I was chatting with them (and holding a puppy) so I walked over to his car with the pup.  This prompted him (after saying “no puppies”) to pull over and hang out for a bit.  It was lovely.  Then headed home.  It was 7pm but it was so dark that it felt more like 10pm.  Dinner was Chinese and I went with a big noodle soup bowl, perfect!

Saturday class was good.  After class I grabbed the Minnie and we headed to CT Pitbull Awareness Day.  It was about 30 miles away but there was traffic for no reason.  I blame the pretty foliage.  We got to the park where it was being held and there were lots of cars, so that was a good sign.  There were quite a few booths with rescue groups or merchandise and there were TONS of dogs.  Mainly pits but not exclusively.  It was wonderful.  Beautiful dogs and mostly all good temperaments.  They had a costume contest so there were lots of pups in costume.  It was great.  I didn’t take any pictures because I didn’t want to be the weirdo photographing stranger’s dogs.  While initially super excited, Minnie ended up a bit overwhelmed.  She did well and behaved but you could clearly tell that it was a bit much for her. She had zero interest in treats or water.  We hung around for about an hour or so and then hit the road.  She promptly passed out in the car.

Got home, hit the supermarket and they did some cleaning and baking.


Was getting picked up at 7 for round two of my do-good weekend.  At about 6:30 I made sure that DJ knew where the tickets for Sunday were.  Long story short, they were missing.  Frantic searching around the house but then I had to leave.  He found them after I left, in a trash bag in the garage.  Oops.

So round two was a Harvest Fest to benefit PAWS.  While it had the potential to be an awesome event it wasn’t as popular as it should have been.  I’m not sure if blame falls on the bar or the organization but either way it was a little disappointing.  But, we went and we showed our support.  We got to taste a bunch of beers and ended up drinking for free, so that was nice.  I was home by about 9:30. hehehe.

Sunday the alarm went off at 6a (not fun!).  DJ started to work on frying up some chicken cutlets.  I took care of dog stuff and cleaning out a cooler.  We left around 8:30ish and made great time getting to the stadium.  We met up with our crew from Green Bay and had a great time tailgating and hanging out.  The weather was perfect!

The Giants play at Metlife Stadium, hence Snoopy. I LOVE Snoopy.

The game itself was a good one.  RGIII definitely made the Giants work for it, but we overcame and Cruz saved the day in the 4th and led us to the win.  Fun fun fun!  Hung out in the lot for a bit post-game and watched some of the Jets game.  (The tailgate crew has a flat screen in the trunk of their Jeep.)  Left around 6p figuring we’d miss all the traffic.

Got to see them filming the post-game show.

WRONG.  We sat in traffic for over an hour to go maybe 10 miles.  It was miserable.  No wait, worse than miserable since I was driving and DJ was sleeping.  Must have been nice.  It took us about 2.5 hours to get home when it had only taken about 45 minutes to get there.  Yuck.  Needless to say by the time I got home I was done.  Hung out for a bit and then called it a night.

And now it’s Monday.

Any fun weekends out there?  How did your teams do?  Any exciting plans this week?



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