Halloween odds and ends

I used to love Halloween.

I still like it, but I like it more for the g-rated activities (and pumpkins) than anything else.  I hate to go out to bars on Halloween and see girls dressed like, well, you know.

Every year I do a Halloween spin ride and wear a silly costume to teach.  Last year I wore a devil costume and the year before that I was another instructor (he had no clue).

This year Halloween is on a Wednesday.  I have my (full) class on Saturday and my (empty) class on Tuesday.  Tuesday makes more sense for the ride, but I think it would be more fun Saturday.  What do you think?  I’m leaning towards Saturday.

DJ bought me a fun little Halloween treat.


Have you ever seen these?  Apparently they come with a piping bag and directions on how to make the icing look like a brain.  I’ll post pictures when I make these.

Since I’m back in an office this year, I might also have to make my witches finger cookies.  Recipe here.

We can also dress up for work.  Honestly, my motivation is low.  So while I feel like maybe I should dress up, I’d have no clue what to wear.  Any suggestions for an easy and office appropriate costume?

Don’t even get me started on the fact that I have a party to go to.  How about no costume and I just say i’m lame. 😀


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