Jamaica me crazy

Seeing as I’ve been back from Jamaica for a bit, I figured it was time to finally write about it.  I was waiting to be able to post pictures and I had lost the cable for my camera.  It came in the mail yesterday thankfully.  Unfortunately half of my pictures are on a different camera and that one doesn’t seem to be cooperating. Oh well.

So vaca…

Our flight was on Wednesday at 5:50a so we were picked up about 2:45a and got to the airport by 4ish.  We had some mimosas in the limo. We were all pretty beat but also excited and ready to be on the beach.  The flight was scheduled to land around 8:35a which would have us to our hotel by noon (it’s a bit of a ride).

We were at the gate and around 4:30 they made a vague announcement about how there would be another announcement at 5:15.  Hmmm.  At 5:15 they mentioned an issue with the plane and said they were working on getting the part.  At 5:30 they said they couldn’t find the part and that they would be flying in a plane from Kingston and that we’d be departing at 12:30pm.  WHAT???  So it’s about 5:30a and our flight will be leaving in 7 hours!?!?!  Lovely.  But we get $12 food vouchers which of course makes the 7 hour delay perfectly fine (notice the sarcasm).  It was a long morning and we were all angry and pissed.  The airline did little to help but did allow people to change their flights free of charge (on the return).  Half of our group decided that since we’d lost a day, they’d return on Monday instead of Sunday, so they spoke with the woman at the desk and changed their flights.

Long story short, we finally got to our hotel around 7p.  We were happy to be there but we were tired and a but grumpy and still a little bitter.  We had some dinner and called it an early night.

The rest of the trip was great, lots of eating and drinking and time spent in the ocean, in the pool, and on the beach.  We were with a great group of people and we enjoyed just being on vacation and relaxing.

Having already stayed at this hotel, we didn’t really feel the need to do much off site.  I would have liked to have done some snorkeling and DJ diving, but with the lost day it just didn’t make sense.  We ventured off one day for lunch at a great jerk place but that was about it.

Our last day our pickup was at 1:30 and checkout was at noon.  Right around noon we were in the lobby and we see the half that was staying until Monday.  They look tense.  Turns out they called the airline to confirm and they had never actually changed their flight, so they would have had to go standby and these flights are pretty much always full.  So they had to rush to their rooms and pack up and check out.  Thankfully there was room on the 1:30 transfer.

Then at the airport the airline decides that they want to try to leave early so instead of boarding at 5pm as planned, they start boarding at 4p.  The idea of less time in the airport and getting home earlier was good, but how can an airline just deicde they feel like leaving early.  What’s the point of a scheduled flight?

So, let’s just say I don’t plan to use Caribbean Air anytime soon (which stinks since they have the best flight times).

And now here are a few pictures, like I said, some are on the other camera, but here’s a taste.

The beach at the hotel, so pretty!
View of the hotel, which is HUGE, that’s only about a quarter of it


The light in the pool makes my legs and arms look bizzare, which makes me laugh


Stop…perhaps in the name of love?


DJ thought the glasses looked like a Mario mustache

I think I have a few more scenery photos on the other camera, so once I get it working, I’ll add more pictures.

Aside from the hiccups it was a great vacation.  Too bad I had to come home and return to work 😦


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