Getting there…

Of the three completed work days this week, two of them have been 10 hour days.  That stinks!  My goal today is to leave close to 5.  When you don’t get home until after 7 the night seems incredibly short.  It’s one thing if you get home at that time having gone to the gym or done some errands, but to get home at that time because you just left work.  No good.

But anyway….

I spoke to my sister last night.  She is currently battling a cold, not that that is important to this story.  But she told me she had spoken with my aunt.  My aunt recently started running and is doing amazingly.  Well, my aunt volunteered at the Diva Half Marathon on Long Island a week or two ago (no sense of time lately).  I guess she liked it enough to tell my sister that she wanted to run it next year.  So my sister told her that she would do it too and that I would do it also.  Um, what?

So calmly I confirmed that it’s next year.  She said yes, next October so I can train in the summer.  She said she would help me and get me through it.  So while I’m not committing to it, I’m entertaining the idea.  I’m glad that someone has faith in me since I’m not sure that I do.

As the girl who could never even run a mile, it would be a pretty cool thing to say I did.

Speaking of not running a mile, I used to lie on my Physical Fitness Test.  I’d walk 3 laps and say I did 4.  Sneaky, right?

So tell me, do you believe in the whole natural/un-natural runner?  My sister is a natural runner, me, not so much.

Enjoy your Thursdays…come on weekend!


2 thoughts on “Getting there…

  1. Yes, Jessica, your sister Happily suggested that the 3 of us do it together. I gave her the task of recruiting you 🙂 I didnt realize she would do it so soon so I am grinning ear to ear. I also have decided to do a 10 mile run in January!! Ummm, crazy? yeah!! But I figured I needed a new goal.
    The run finishes at the Blue Point brewery. Training begins this Saturday with a 5 K for Hope for Youth. xoxoxoxoxo

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