Let me love you…

That Neyo song is stuck stuck stuck in my head this morning.  I don’t even really like it.  The first time I heard it I thought it was pretty bad.  However my sister told me she loved it so I gave it another try.  I can tolerate it now, but still don’t love it.  And in general, I just hate when a song gets stuck in my head.  It sounds weird, but it can sometimes make me physically ill (headache/nausea).  Anyone else?

So we made it to Tuesday!!  Hooray!

I’m teaching tonight and it’s the first physical activity I’ve done since last Tuesday (aside from swimming in the ocean/pool).  I’m looking forward to it though and hoping that there’s  a decent turnout.  Fingers crossed!

So far the Tuesday night class has pretty much been a smaller version of my Saturday AM class.  I definitely have a very loyal group of followers and I love them for that. 
Hopefully one day the online schedule will actually be updated.

So last night after work I got to go and pick up the Minnie!  I was kind of nervous that she wouldn’t remember me, but she definitely did.  She was all wiggles and jumps, it was very cute.  She was a bit confused when she got in the car but by the time she got in to the house, she knew exactly where she was.  Phew.  It’s great to have her back, she’s so cute!

Before I go, here’s the ride I used last Tuesday.  It’s not new but it’s a good one (in my opinion).

Will try to get a vaca recap up soon.  Right now I’m struggling because half of my photos are on my waterproof camera and I can’t find the cord that plugs the camera in to the computer. 

Have a great Tuesday!!


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