Did you miss me?

My blog’s views were really high on Friday which while awesome, is a bit odd to me since I was away and hadn’t posted anything.

Oh well, I’ll take it.

Happy Monday and happy October 8th!  I am back!

Vaca was wonderful but my waistline and my liver are ready to get back to normalcy.

We got back last night around 10p but of course by the time you get your bags and go through customs, you lose about an hour.  I went to bed immediately after getting home and while waking up this AM was tough, I feel OK for now.

Once I have some pictures I’ll do a full vaca recap 🙂

Right now I need to focus on getting my eating and exercising back on track.  Here are some goals I’m setting for myself for the rest of the month.

  • Work out regularly – we’re going to start-up with TapOut again, but I just need to make sure I do something almost every day.
  • Eat better – this has to do with health but also trying to figure out what the heck is wrong with my stomach.  Seeing as I pretty much ate an entire loaf of bread for breakfast yesterday, I’m pretty sure it’s not gluten.  And since I had ice-cream at lunch, I’m guessing it’s not dairy either.  While these are good things, it’s also a pain because it will make identifying the cause that much harder.
  • Find something to train for – this one is a bit tough since the weather is starting to change, but I’ll see what I can come up with

In general I just really need to get back at it.  I’ve let things slide for too long.  So here we go!

Any good goals by you?  Anything exciting?


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