So many thoughts

Early day here.  Actually I was pretty much up the entire night.  I fell asleep easily but then was woken up around 11:30 by raccoons outside trying to get in to trash cans.  My neighbors have not learned that you can’t put your trash out before pickup day.  The cooler temps are great because I love sleeping with the windows open, but I don’t love hearing the clattering of trash cans being knocked over.  Most of the time I can just go back to sleep but last night I couldn’t.  I definitely have a lot on my mind given that vaca is so soon and I have a million things to do first.

To that end, I still need to pack, but before that I need to get through work (uneventful day I hope), and then teach a class.  The teaching was my choice though, so I’m OK with it.  Being that it’s only the second week of this class existing, I didn’t think it was wise to sub it out.  And honestly, the day before a swimsuit wearing vaca, I’m ok with getting a last-minute sweat on!

I am a little sad about leaving Minnie behind, but I will get over it.  She’s staying with a friend who boards dogs so she is going to be with someone she knows and likes (and who loves her!).  Tell me it’s going to be OK. 🙂

On the dog topic, any dog owners, do you dress up your dog for Halloween?  Will they tolerate a costume?  I looked on and saw lots of costumes that Minnie would never tolerate.

Before I get back to the daily grind, here are the two classes from this past weekend.  I taught Saturday and subbed Sunday.  Both were great!


This is the 60 minute version.  I didn’t use Born to Run or I Get So Emotional which had it around 45 minutes.


I wasn’t sure if this ride had seen its day since it has a decent amount of Top 40s music.  Thankfully it went over well and I even had one rider tell me that she loved it and can’t wait until I use it again.  Definitely not the reaction I expected but I’ll take it.

And now it’s time to work. 

I’m on vaca until Sunday night and don’t feel that I have enough readers to warrant guest posts.  So I’ll catch you on the flip side.

Be safe and have fun!


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