I love you Friday

So glad.  So so so glad.

It’s going to be a great weekend and then I only have to work two days before I’m here.

Can.  Not.  Wait!  (I never do the period sentence thing, but it just seemed appropriate)

I’m hoping to throw together a new spin ride tonight or early tomorrow.  However right now I have no clue of what I’d want to include which makes it a bit more challenging.

I’m hoping that work today is busy enough to move but not too busy as to make me stressed.  Fingers crossed!

After class tomorrow I’m off to NY for a few hours for my cousin’s engagement party.  It starts at noon and my class isn’t over until 10:45 so I will be late, but hopefully I can shower and get dressed super fast and not be too late.

I agreed to sub a class on Sunday morning at 9am.  I had toyed with the idea of doing a 5K on Sunday morning but when the sub opportunity came up I figured it was a better option for me.  After that my plan is to do everything packing/vacation related.  Which means going for a (very much-needed) pedicure and picking up any toiletries I may need.  I’d also love to get a new beach coverup but am thinking that my pickings will be slim or non-existent in late September.  Agree?

The NY Giants play on Sunday night against Philly, which is a good game.  It starts at 8:30p though, so it could be a late night, especially when DJ invited friends over.  Good thing I’m not at all the type that feels like I have to stay and hang out.  I will likely still be in bed reading at 10.  🙂

One last thing before I go.  This picture is from last Saturday night when I had dinner with my good friend (JV) and her hubby (who I was visiting).  The background on this photo is that this was my favorite restaurant when I was in college.  It was a splurge restaurant so when my parents came to visit we’d go.  They came to like it as well and knew how excited I’d get when I went.

Probably about 7 years ago or so I went up for our annual reunion and we had reservations at this restaurant (me, JV, and a few others).  Of course I had told my parents about our plans because I was excited.  Our group ate dinner and then we were prompted to order dessert but declined.  Much to our surprise out came dessert with a message written on the plates from my parents.  They had called the restaurant and ordered dessert for our table.  A few years later I went again with my one friend JV and our sig others and my parents did the same.

I shouldn’t have been surprised when this came out, but I was…

Aren’t my parents the best?  And yes, my mom’s name is Fredi (not Freddy).  🙂

With that it’s time to get Friday going!  Have a great weekend!!


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