Happy new year

You’re probably wondering, happy new year?  It’s September.

Yes, that’s true.  But it’s the Jewish celebration of the new year (hebrew calendar) aka Rosh Hashanah.  I’m not particularly religious but do love the customs associated with the holidays (i.e. family get togethers).  For this holiday we eat some apples or challah with honey, to symbolize a sweet year.  Regardless of your religion, who can argue with that sentiment (and honey!)?

I’m currently in NY.  I had dinner with my family last night and will be doing the same tonight and then heading back to CT.  The ability to telecommute definitely makes these sort of things a bit easier.

I had a nice weekend.  Taught on Saturday.  The class was good but there were 4 or 5 open bikes, which is a fair amount.  Maybe people went away since the schools are closed today and tomorrow (I think).  It was good class though.

My Saturday night activity will cause you to drool.  Grab a napkin…

Prepping the oven
First pie in the oven
Fig, ricotta, prosciutto, and arugula pie
Cheese pie – with fresh mozz
Same cheese pie, cooked
Sausage and hot cherry peppers
Falafel pizza – hummus, crumbled falafel, and tabouli
Steak and onion pizza

Suddenly hungry?  In the mood for pizza?

Pretty insane, right?  If you’re on Facebook, look up One Brotha Pizza for more photos and videos.

So after that Saturday night, I knew I just had to do something active on Sunday.  The Minnie had a spa day (aka an appointment for a bath), so I dropped her off and hit the gym.  Seeing as it was the most gorgeous day, I figured I should do something outside, so I went for a run.

I don’t have a Garmin but had my GymBoss interval timer with me, which can also function as a stop watch.  I wanted to see how long this particular route took me.  It took me 20:45.  I had thought this route was 2 miles but when I saw my time I figured it was less.  There are a few hills on this route which obviously makes me even slower.  I looked it up last night and was so happy to see that it is in fact 2 miles which had me at a 10:22 mile pace which isn’t horrible.  While for my sister this would be a travesty, for me it was encouraging.

I then hit up the last 25 minutes of a spin class.  Totally a “what not to do”, but seeing as the class had 4 people in it, I didn’t feel too bad (plus I knew the instructor).

While a lovely lady, her class doesn’t do it for me.  She doesn’t wear a mic so I never have any idea of what she’s saying.  Plus she doesn’t have a set playlist, she’ll scroll through her ipod after a song to find the next.  Not horrible, just not ideal.

Did a little upper body work and then headed out.  It was a great sweaty workout!  I’m sore today so I guess I did something right.

And now it’s back to work.  I still owe you a few spin rides so I’ll try to get those up today.  Have a great Monday and happy  new year! 😀


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