Thank goodness!!

Could you have guessed that I’m SO glad that it’s Friday?

This week has really run me down.  I had a chat with my boss which revealed some satisfaction issues with work that I wasn’t even really aware of.  While it was a tough conversation to have, sometimes it’s really helpful to get perspective from someone on the outside.  While I’m still feeling a bit weighed down, it’s improving, so I guess that’s all that matters.

Rosh Hashanah starts on Sunday night so I’ll be working from home on Monday.  I think the change of scenery may help things out.  Plus being around my family is always comforting.

Between the stress of work and all the symptoms of it, this has been a horrible week workout wise.  Horrible.  Nothing like slacking on workouts three weeks before going on vacation.  Not going to dwell though, just hoping to get back at it as of tomorrow.

So in other big and exciting news, I got a bike!

Well, I ordered a bike since it’s currently out of stock.  This is a 2013 bike and apparently they’re in pretty high demand since they are really tough to find.  Shout out to Danny’s Cycles for being such a great bike shop and a pleasure to work with.  Over the past two-three weeks I’ve been in their store a bunch of times and each visit always ends up being around an hour.

DJ ordered the same bike but in this color combo.

He really liked the red while I preferred the charcoal.  I’m thinking neon green tape on the handlebars will jazz my bike up a bit. 🙂

It’s a big purchase so I’m nervous for that reason, but we got a good deal and I think it’s a good investment.

My new phrase:  Those who can’t run (fast), bike.

I realized that I didn’t post my ride from last Saturday (or talk about it).  I used my Don’t Back Down ride, which is a doozy.  In hind sight it may not have been that smart to choose such a tough ride the day before my first real road ride, but it worked out OK.

(I thought I had the ride created already but will have to add it in later)

The premise of this ride is that you’re at 80% of your maximum hill for most of the ride.  You do sprints (relatively speaking since you can’t truly spring at that resistance) and move from seated to standing.  The goal is to hold that 80% even when you want to back it off.  The ride has two hills which are each probably about 15-20 minutes of climbing.  The original is a 60 minute ride so I knocked two songs off.

I definitely recommend this ride for a challenge.

I’ll be back later to post the ride.  Have a great weekend!!




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