Have you seen the phrase YOLO all over the internet?  I’m not even sure what started the trend, but from what I’m hearing it’s all over the twitter universe.

OK, just did some research and apparently it because very popular due to its use in a Drake song, “the Motto”.

Apparently, some (stupid) rapper tweeted “Drunk af going 120 difting corners #F**kItYOLO” and then he and some friends died in a car crash that is believed to be a drunk-driving crash.  STUPID stupid stupid.

In case you don’t know what it stands for, and until yesterday, I didn’t.  It’s You Only Live Once.


On the radio this morning one of the morning shows was talking about their YOLO experiences and having callers give input.  I have to say that their interpretation of you only live once and mine are two very different things.  Most of the radio tales involved sex, whether unprotected, in strange places, or with public figures.  OK, I guess I can see how that relates to YOLO.  For me though, it’s more about doing something that gets you out of your comfort zone but does have risk.  I guess the above situations would fit that definition but in my eyes it’s kind of like a “here’s goes nothing” mentality.

For example, here are some things that I’ve done that could fall under my YOLO definition:

  • Skydiving in Switzerland – risk yes, but you only live once 🙂
  • Chopping my hair short
  • Travelling solo to Costa Rica while unemployed
  • Going to a concert alone because you want to see the artist and don’t care that none of your friends do

My yet to be planned future trip to Africa will definitely fall under the YOLO category, as will my Antarctica trip.  Maybe if I ever decided to get a tatoo, it would be a YOLO thing too.

What do you think?  Should something that qualifies for the hashtag YOLO be more risky/dangerous? 
Which of your experiences would you categorize as YOLO?


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