Since today is September 11th, I figured I’d start the post off on a more serious note.  I’m pretty sure everyone is doing something similar today, whether in a blog, facebook, or twitter.  This day deserves acknowledgement.

I was fresh out of college and living at home without a job.  I woke up around 10:30 or 11a (oh the days) and went down to the kitchen to watch the Price Is Right.  I turned on the TV and saw something quite different.  After a few minutes of coverage I pretty much freaked out.  My family lives about 45 minutes from the city and my father worked (and still works) in the city.  The rational side of my brain knew that my dad was nowhere near downtown but I still went in to panic mode and just had to track him down.  I did.

Later that day I remember going out to a nearby road and seeing the smoke/debris in the sky on the horizon.  I took some pictures as the sun was setting but lost them over the years.

I think I had a dentist appointment either that day or the next day and remember crying in the chair (not because I was afraid of the dentist).

Just like many others I felt the need to show my solidarity and went and purchased some curly ribbons in red/white/blue.  I put them on my car antenna.

While no one close to me passed that day, I know of many people and also know of many friends who were touched personally. 

It is truly a day (and maybe even months or a year) that I will never forget.  While it was a horrific event and terribly heart breaking I remember everyone coming together to be strong and that was inspiring.

On this day, and always, those who lost their lives, were plagued by illness as a result of their selflessness, and those who fight every day for our freedom, are in my thoughts.

I’ll post a lighter topic later.


2 thoughts on “Deep

    1. I can’t even imagine what it must have been like at school?
      My mother taught high school and I remember hearing her talk about it. We were close enough to the city that some of the students had parents who worked at the world trade center. So sad.

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