So sad it’s Monday

I had a great weekend, which is why I’m sad that it’s Monday.

I feel like for the first time in a while, I actually did something fun/active/special/seasonal.  What a combo, right?

Friday and Saturday were nothing too exciting.  Class on Saturday was OK.  A couple of months ago this gym adopted the corporate sign-up policy for spin classes which says that you can sign up 48 hours in advance for weekend classes.  I showed up on Saturday to a full list with 5 names on the waitlist.  Nice.  However the class ended up having 4 empty bikes.  So frustrating!

Leaving that behind…my parents were passing through the area on Saturday early-evening so they swung by for dinner which was lovely.

Sunday was a wonderful day!!
Sunday was my ride for the Guide Dog Foundation.  The ride was in Smithtown, NY which is about 10 miles west of Port Jefferson, NY.  Port Jeff is where the ferry from Bridgeport, CT goes to.  It’s a cute little coastal town that thrives in the summer.  So we decided our best bet was to take the ferry down.

We loaded the bikes on the car and left the house about 6:45a to make a 7:30a ferry.

I love the ferry.  On a nice day it really feels like an escape.  The ferry was empty due to the early hour but you could just tell that it was going to be a beautiful day and everyone knew it.

We got to Port Jeff about 8:30a and headed to the Guide Dog Foundation.  We had to park about a quarter-mile away and then ride over.  We set up our bikes, got everything ready and then headed off.  I will admit I was a bit nervous to get back on the bike, having had only a 15 minute test ride on it.  Thankfully once I hopped on it felt right and I was good to go.

At the registration tent we met up with my uncle who was also doing the 30 mile.  We got held up a bit though and missed leaving with both the first and second escorted groups.  So I grabbed a cue sheet and we headed out a few minutes later on our own.  (the cue sheet told me that it was in fact a 32 miles ride) We could kind of see the other groups in the distance so we had a rough idea of where we were going.  Then I got stuck at a crossing and by the time the coast was clear, we had lost them.  I tried reading the cue sheet while riding but didn’t have the best luck.

Long story short, we missed a few turns ultimately somehow getting back on track and catching up to three people we had passed early on.  Those three people told us that the route was actually marked in spray paint on the street.  Duh!!  So much easier.

On we went.  Around mile 11 we caught up to the second group and trailed with them until we got to the first rest stop around mile 13.  They had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with grape jelly and with strawberry jelly.  The fact that there was a choice made me so happy!  I used the bathroom and we hung out for a bit before joining the second group.  We stayed with them for about 6 or so miles and when we hit the second rest stop we decided not to rest and to just keep going.  Mind you the second rest stop was at a lighthouse on a northern tip of the island and was breathtaking!

Just a little proof that I really was there. I don’t care for how I look in this photo, but it is what it is.

So we hit the final leg just the two of us.  It had some INSANE hills.  During one I really thought I might throw up.  Pleasant, right?  But I powered through and made it.  While position 3 is no big deal in spin, I couldn’t for the life of me comfortable and efficiently get out of the saddle so I took that whole hill seated.  Yikes!

With only a few miles to go DJ went ahead of me and I told him to just go.  I’m riding along enjoying myself when I realize that I don’t see any other bikers ANYWHERE.  Having a loose knowledge of the area I keep going.  However when I came to a train overpass I knew something wasn’t right, so I turned around only to find out that I had missed a turn about 2 miles back.  Nice.  So back I went, nothing like an extra 4 miles after having already done about 30.

At this point I was annoyed with the extra mileage and just ready to be done.  So close! About a mile or 2 later I was done and pulled in to my parents, DJ, my aunt and uncle, and my aunt and her boyfriend cheering for me.  Just to let you know how far out of my way I went, my uncle had stayed at the second rest stop yet still finished before me.  Oops!

We enjoyed the picnic that the Guide Dog Foundation provided all together and then went our separate ways.  DJ and I went back to Port Jeff to partake in some seaside dining and ice cream.  It was a gorgeous day!

Then it was time to take the ferry back.  I sat up top and enjoyed the sun and the views the whole way home.

It was a lovely way to spend a Sunday!

Unfortunately by the time I got home I was starting to feel pretty achy.  I guess that’s what happens when you do very little training and then ride for 3o+ miles.  I popped some advil though which made it a bit better.  And today?  I’m happy to say that I’m a little sore, but nothing crazy.

I think I might be hooked in cycling!  I love the feeling of freedom and mobility as well as the lack of impact (i.e. running).  Maybe next time I’ll wear a heart rate monitor since it doesn’t feel like work as much as other activities.  (Hopefully that doesn’t mean I’m taking it too easy! ;))

On that note, I hope you had great weekends and that your weeks are off to a good start!


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