Thank goodness!  I’m quite happy it’s Friday because I’m really ready for a weekend.  I don’t have anything too crazy going on, but the few happenings are all really nice.

Tonight is open right now, which I love.  Tomorrow is pretty open but my parents will be passing through in the late afternoon so they’re going to hang around for dinner.  Then Sunday is the bike ride which will require an early wake up (we’re making a 7:30a ferry), but the weather sounds beautiful and I think it will be a great way to spend the day.

So let’s see, first I’ll recap yesterday and then I’ll post some photos that made me smile this morning.  Because really, who doesn’t want to smile?

I subbed out my class last night even though I had planned on getting back to it in September.  With my work days so long lately, I knew I wouldn’t be able to leave right at 5 which meant it would be a rush to get to class.  I just didn’t need the stress.

However I did spend a little time on a bike as we gave the road bikes a test ride.  By test I mean maybe 15 minutes of riding.  Let’s just say it was eye-opening.

We started out pedalling around the parking lot of my complex.  The gears on my bike were really high (not sure if that’s the right terminology) which made pedalling really tough.  Thing was, neither DJ nor I could figure out how to take gears off.  We tried everything and then I caved and called the bike shop.  I’m pretty sure the man on the other line shook his head after hanging up.  But he did help me and we learned that not only is there a dedicated gear lever (which we knew), but the brake also functions as a shifter. 

The next challenge is the brakes, or rather the position of the brakes.  I have weak hands and so braking will definitely take some getting used to.  My ultimate hope is that once the ride gets going I really won’t have to brake too much.  From my whopping 15 minute ride I already have the beginning of a blister on my left hand between my thumb and forefinger.  Wimp!

And last, because we were anxious to try it out I kept the seat as is, which was too low.  So I felt a bit like the teenager who is riding his/her sibling’s bike.  At least that one is easily fixable.

So the plan is to get a more substantial ride in on Saturday before class, hoping that it will make both of us a feel a bit more comfortable in advance of the 30 miles on Sunday.  Right now I think I still prefer the hybrid but realize that this definitely may change.

So now that I’ve probably bored you with way too many details, here are some pictures that made me smile.

I will admit that I was out running one day (quite some time ago to be honest) and a girl passed me.  I definitely thought to myself that she definitely hadn’t been running as long as I had.  Which mind you wasn’t even that long.  I’m slow, I know it, but still sometimes try to make excuses for it.

This is courtesy of  While I can’t say I fully get it, I just love the unicorn bike and the fact that it’s a boy riding it.  I wish they had an attachment like that for my spin bike.

And last, this one is courtesy of Stew Leonard’s facebook page.  I can’t even say why I love it so, but it’s so darn cute.  I think it’s the details and the fact that if you look in the background you can see the actual supermarket shelves and get an idea of the scale.  Rabbits are so cute!

And with that I’m off.  Enjoy your Fridays and your weekends!!


3 thoughts on “It.Is.Friday.

  1. Hey Jessica!

    I’m suprised the bike shop didn’t go over the bike with you and fit you before they let you take it. You’d think it would be in their best interest…

    Have you used biking gloves? They might help with the blisters. 🙂

    Have a great ride!

    LOVE that picture on the unicorn!!!!

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