I made it back! 

As I mentioned, work has been NUTS, but I guess I’ve been getting things done since I actually have a spare moment today.

So let’s see…my workout routine has gone out the window this week (thanks a lot work!), which stinks, but sometimes you just have to roll with the punches.  Hopefully the weather holds, I can get out at a normal time, and I can squeeze a bike ride in with the new (to me) bike.

Speaking of bikes, I picked up our two rental road bikes last night.  I felt kind of cool driving on 95 with two road bikes on the back of my car.  Is that weird?  To all the drivers on the road with  me, I felt like “Yeah, I’m a cyclist!” 😉

Last night was also the first NFL game.  As a GIANTS fan, we had high hopes.   Too bad they didn’t come true.  We went to a bar to watch the first half of the game and then headed home for the second half.  I will admit that I was in bed reading for the last quarter so I didn’t really know what was going on.  In my defense it was later than my bedtime and reading always helps me unwind.

Speaking of reading, now that I have the Nexus I definitely feel like I’m reading more because it’s so darn easy to get a book.  In case you were wondering, I gave up on the Harlequin Romance.

At work we have a running joke about some of my clothing.  I like to buy interesting pieces and whenever I wear one to work I get compliments.  This makes me laugh because without fail, the things my coworkers like are the things that DJ mocks me for wearing.

Therefore I thought it might be fun to occasionally post a photo of something that falls under the category “Things I Own That My Significant Other Hates”.

Today’s item:

Pardon the weird photo and how large my feet look.

What you can’t really see from this picture is just how bright the tips of these shoes are.  Think neon yellow/green.  I love neon and therefore I love these shoes.  DJ however calls them the highlighter shoes as that’s what he thinks they look like.

Do you have any items of clothing that your signifcant other doesn’t like but you love?  Come on, I can’t be the only one.

Holy random topics today, right?

And now, back to work.  Check ya later!


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